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Victor HA-FW10000: 10th Anniversary model

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  1. BlinkST
    I agree.
  2. toughnut
    Do you still have FW01?
  3. BlinkST
  4. toughnut
    What’s your take when you swap from FW10000 to FW01? I’m thinking of getting another FW01 or FD01 as beater.
  5. BlinkST
    Superior bass and a smoother sound signature that plays well with all genres. Inferior details, clarity, soundstage, and lacking the sometimes spooky “open” character of the FW10000.

    I’ve never heard the FD01.
    Last edited: May 14, 2019
  6. BlinkST
    Amendment 5/27/2019: the fw10000’s bass issues were resolved by replacing the tips. The bass is on par with the FW01’s.
    Amendment 5/28/2019: on second thought, it’s not the tips/ fit issue. The FW10000 seems to just be a late bloomer (beyond 600 hours), but now that bass is in full bloom. This is what I imagined I would be getting when I bought them.

    At this stage in the game (hour 648), I’ve accepted that the way these sound is as good as it gets. The main issue that I’ve had with them is with the bass performance. They are now in what I consider to be “good enough” territory for most people. They are still a step behind the FW01, but I no longer find myself reaching for the FW01, let alone the FXZ200. I used them all day and did not bother with any other earphone when I got home. I just plugged them in and continued to listen while putting my thoughts to paper.

    There is one song in particular that I use to test bass: “Color Money” (explicit) by Rick Ross.

    When the song calls for it, the FXZ200 delivers a downright menacing bass that sounds close to what you’d hear from a car subwoofer. Now imagine that same subwoofer, but pushed further away from you: that’s the FW01. It’s not as upfront, but it’s still mean, even more detailed, and seems to thunder within the soundstage in a way that the FXZ200 does not. I actually prefer this over the FXZ200.

    Now turn that bass down a little, and you get the FW10000: the most modest of the 3. It gets just as deep and detailed, but it’s not as upfront as the other two.

    And even then, this tuning didn’t stop me from enjoying the above song with them. Once I saw that, I no longer had the urge to reach for the FW01, and they were my favorite for a long time. I consider the FW01 to be a technical marvel because of how it seems to combine the best of the FXT200 LTD with the FXZ200 to create an earphone that can do it all with one dynamic driver.

    The main advancement with the FW10000 is the soundstage, clarity of sound, and sheer “openness” of the sound that can’t be matched by anything that came before it. No matter what song you listen to, they sound as if you’re not wearing anything at all — as if you can put your hand through the empty space between instruments. But they show their real strengths on music that uses live instrumentation such as for example:

    Even now the sound is taking some getting used to because everything sounds different with them.
    Last edited: May 28, 2019
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  7. rutter
    I'd be very curious to hear your impression of a burned in IER-Z1R against the FW10K if you can get your hands on one. Seems like a copper balanced cable would do well with the FW10K.
  8. BlinkST
    Do you know one that terminates in dual 3.5mm jacks?
  9. rutter
    No, I've no idea about any that would be appropriate for the FW10K. It just seems like copper would be a good fit.
  10. toughnut
    Using pure copper 8w Yinyoo, the stage depth become deeper at expense of slightly hazy positioning. High end rolled off a touch, lack sparkle. That’s the main difference I can hear with DX220/Amp8. Maybe need to try with other copper cable.
  11. BlinkST
    That might not even be necessary anymore. I started using the larger tips, and that did the trick. The difference is pretty crazy — just from tip rolling. Normally I use the M size but now I see that it’s not a proper fit for me on the FW10000.

    Now everything sounds stronger.
    Last edited: May 27, 2019
  12. seeteeyou
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  13. Steve Guppy
    This is really interesting but as I can't speak Japanese, ultimately, completely useless unfortunately Couldn't find anyway to change the page to English, so had no idea what to do ... :-/
  14. BlinkST
    Right now, I have no complaints about the FW10000, other than I can't enjoy them as much on-the-go because they do let in ambient noise.

    The big difference between a few days ago and now, is that I actually like them. Like with my experience with the FW01, the sound has matured to my liking (after damn near 700 hours) and I have nothing bad to say about them.
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  15. Jalo
    Your brain got burned in.
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