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Victor HA-FW10000: 10th Anniversary model

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  1. SeeSax
    I just received mine a couple days ago as well. The last pair of JVC I had was the FX1200 and these are quite a different signature. More refined, more neutral and as a result, less of that bass slam. No worries because I went into it knowing that they were not bass monsters, but during certain tracks it's hard to even tell there's a big dynamic driver sitting in these things.

    Using a Rhapsodio Copper Wizard cable with 4.4mm balanced termination and the results are very good. Quite a natural and open sounding IEM without any obvious enhancements to certain frequencies. I understand what JVC was going here - neutral but not boring. So far I like them, but only 20ish hours of burn-in so far. Will continue the fun...


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  2. seeteeyou
    I'm definitely taking a chance here and obviously I wouldn't risk my money unless it's a physical store. Supposedly they'll receive some parallel imports by the end of this month and it's gonna cost roughly 120,000 yen (2680 + 6000 = HK$8680) a piece


    I had a glance at their hand-written list of pre-orders, there were about 8 names or so while their reputation seemed to be fine



    Authorized dealers do offer 1 year of warranty but it's gonna be HK$12,900, then there's also a discount for anyone who's willing to bring cash


    Fingers crossed and hoping for the best, it's gonna be interesting to compare FW10000 with my Onkyo SN-1.
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  3. audionewbi
    Can you please share what you are going to use to power the FW10000? I always pay close attention to your post, I learn a lot from them.
  4. seeteeyou
    It's gonna be single-ended for now, that means mainly JVC SU-AX01 + Aclear Porta NXT-2AK until they're ready to sell the balanced version of stock cable.

    There's also something new called "Nano-Eclipse for In-Ear Monitors" and the authorized dealer here in Hong Kong might be able to get their hands on bulk wires at some point


    Besides, I'll find out if Excel Hi-Fi (authorized dealer of Crystal Cable) were still selling these bulk wires or not


    (I looked at some pictures linked above and they didn't seem to be as portable as Piccolo / Piccolino to me, though.)

    Those are some pure-copper options from high-end manufacturers without the high-end price tag, although I'm still expecting the balanced version of stock cable to be the best bet in terms of synergy.

    BTW, impressions from the Beijing International Headphone Expo sounded quite positive so far


    About 1:50 to 1:55 below


    12V from KANN Cube


    15V from Venture Electronics Defiant


    29.6V from QA390 so that's gonna drive FW10000 with authority IMHO.

    Somewhat OT but I'm tempted to get their EX-HR10000 that's coming next week, a headphone jack is indeed included


    100V only so a step-down transformer is a must for most of us who are importing them from Japan. Other than that, this kinda beefy power bank with AC 100V (rated at 65W) output might / might not be good enough for EX-HR10000 since 45W should be required

    Last edited: Jun 8, 2019
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  5. audionewbi
    I requested for NE, with 4.4mm plug for 490 aud. I asked if they will make their custom plug just like their 3.5 mm plug? They haven’t replied.
  6. seeteeyou
    FYI - here's NEI with recurring 10% off coupon codes


    And then there's also a seller from China who's offering NE (bulk wires from Hong Kong) for SE846, I'm assuming that might be compatible with MMCX conncetors of FW10000


    3-meter for 1630 RMB so that's about 240 USD or 340 AUD, the whole point of getting such a long cable is all about the possibility of double run config since there's someone here in Hong Kong who tried that "trick" with bulk wires of NPH (Nano-Platinum Eclipse) and loved the results with a different pair of IEMs.

    3-meter for 325 USD so the difference ain't insignificant between DIY ones from bulk wires and official products


    Though I'm not sure if they're willing to provide that double run config even if we're willing to pay them 400 bucks

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  7. audionewbi
    Thank you so much for all this information, I try to see if my friends living in China can buy this cables for me, much cheaper than buying locally.

    I really want the LP6 limited, also pairing the Oslo cable with FW10000, so far amazing synergy, The NPH is what I would want for my IER-Z1R, which is a very peaky IEM both for power and cable.
  8. seeteeyou
    Just a word of caution, NPH wouldn't be a good choice if portability were a concern and most likely that's applicable to NE as well

    Both LP6Ti and SUSVARA share the same 39,800 RMB price tag, it's hard to imagine how I could bring that kinda stuff with me when I'm away from home.

    BTW, I found something that could be connected to the speaker terminals of EX-HR10000 and just wondering if that were too powerful for IEMs?

  9. audionewbi
    I would be using it for Z1R which I never take out, as it is too heavy.

    BTW a friend of mine bought a second hand Luxman amplifier, and I remember he ended up selling it as he found the step-up transformer impacted the sound negatively.

    I've been going crazy about R2R sound and properly grounded 4.4mm plug. I remember at start requesting a custom cable for my Sony WM1A for my Oriolus BA-10, I thought the designer got the connection right, send it back, he rechecked and told me all is fine I just gave up and thought it must be the amp issue.

    Out of fun few days ago I connected the same cable to the same DAP. The sound opened up, I couldn't believe it was the same amplifier. I finally understood the benefits of grounding.

    I'm tempted to just get my stock cable modded to 3.5mm balance, and using the left over stock cable to make the bottom half 3.5mm female TRRS to stock 4.4mm male. I really like how the stock MMCX collar provides the extra friction to deter the connection from spinning. I just dont understand why Sony sells the same stock cable?
  10. toranku
    I went to try this again in a quieter space. At this point I've submitted to brain burn in. When I was still used to 334 (very little 2-5kHz), the FW10000 was very harsh and sharp at the uppermids and treble. Now that my 334 is out for servicing, I've been using IEMs with strong 2-5Khz presence. Brain burned in and wham, the uppermids of the FW10000 sounded rather pleasing to my ears. The lower treble is still a problem for me though - cymbals and hihats have a little too much presence. However the texture of the hihats/cymbals are absolutely delicious.

    The fw10000 still remains a bit too thin at the lower mids though, wish it wasn't that dipped at that area. If not, I take back whatever I've said about it. Getting used to thicker, blunted iems and then trying a very forward sounding iem like this JVC is not such a good idea.
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  11. seeteeyou
    If you're patient (up to 5 months) enough, here's yet another balanced pure copper option from DHC


    This termination below might be compatible with SU-AX01

    Pono Balanced Dual 3.5mm

    Molecule SE Quad OCC Copper Litz DIY Wire


    (DIY) - 22awg - OCC Copper (Cu) - Transparent Black jacket - highest purity cu - true cotton center core


    Unfortunately we can't get any pure copper IEM cables from Norne Audio except for DIY ones, they've got something for headphones but 21AWG wires should be too much for MMCX connectors to handle. There's also Draug v2 with 8x24AWG wires but the weight wouldn't be any good as well.
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  12. audionewbi
    Now days I really prefer discrete cables. Anything too flashy I don't like. I've been thinking about Rhapsodio wizard copper. I've given up on WW as they simply very slow at answering me.
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  13. SeeSax
    The Copper Wizard mk2 is stupid expensive, but it sounds awesome on the FW10000. Sammy (Rhapsodio) has a new version that he calls the two wire (four wires in total) that is half the size and WAY more comfortable apparently. Also much less expensive. I'm thinking it might be a good candidate for the FW10000 as it is apparently warmer as well.

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  14. seeteeyou
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  15. audionewbi
    I've been in contact with them and their local dealer, kid you not, since 2018. Trying to order their NPE. Recently after my post on their global FB page, their local distributor got back to me. Things was going well up until the point I asked if I can pay more for getting a better pentaconn, and things died again.
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