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Victor HA-FW10000: 10th Anniversary model

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  1. seeteeyou
    Oh well, that's so sad when Crystal Cable Dream Duet would come with OFC Pentaconn by default since that's more expensive than their 2.5-mm balanced version.

    In that case you might have to consider ordering the bulk wires of NPE instead and then pay someone in Australia to terminate them for you, either way wouldn't be factory-terminated so most likely that's no biggie.

    And then here's yet another silver option for Z1R as you mentioned before


    Bulk wires from Hong Kong again and they do ship internationally


    Not sure if 20AWG were too much for MMCX connectors to handle, this is tinned-copper version for FW10000


    It's actually more expensive to get the thinner 26AWG version


    Some impressions below


    Actually here's the single-ended FW10000 stock cable for 10,000 yen + 800 yen tax, though it's hard to tell when it's gonna be back in stock

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  2. OnyX Prime
    Hi guys I’m letting go of my pw 1960s 4w (mmcx,4.4mm) and labkable titan AG 3.5mm x 2 to 4.4 female plug converter for Su-ax01 as I’m going for Brise audio yatono 8w and custom made converter.I bought them for my fw1000, good enough in the beginning but brise audio cables just overwhelmed me with the sound that came out of their cables. If anyone’s interested please let me know.
    Last edited: Jun 16, 2019
  3. jmills8
    Brise, from Japan ?
  4. seeteeyou
  5. Kitechaser
    How would you describe the differences?
    I was looking at Brise cables, but couldn't really find any reviews.
  6. seeteeyou
  7. OnyX Prime
    Yatono 8w (Ya):1960 4w (60)
    Ya pro: detail, separation and awesome bass yet very neutral without coloration
    Con: ergonomics

    Ergonomics: both are chunky, whereas 60 is more flexible but loose and Ya looks thinner and robust. 60 seems heavier

    Treble: Ya’s treble not as bright more natural, where 60 might sound harsh to me when used with mid high focused iem
    Mid: no comment here
    Bass: immediate difference I experienced is the quality and quantity of bass. Ya gave more thumping power to fw10000 yet tightly controlled. 60 sounded loose in comparison. If 60 bass is 100 I’d say Ya is at least 120.
    Detail/separation: no complain on both here as they are both top notch but I do feel Ya has a better separation and I can feel the grain of each note.
    Sound stage: width very similar maybe 60 just slightly ahead, height and depth definitely goes to Ya

    In conclusion I like the sound signature and bass presentation that Ya brings to fw10000,
    Throughout my 2 hours listening with Ya, I do not feel any fatigue whereas I get frustrated with 60’s sound after 1 hour of listening and have to change back to the stock cable. Now I’m stuck with stock cable even though the soundstage/openness and detail is inferior to 60. Although Ya is a little stiff for OTG listening, it does all the trick I wanted with sound and I can totally live with the minor trade off.
  8. OnyX Prime
    Ya Brise from Japan, like seeteeyou said, best to get their stuff from Japan as D()A sells at a MUCH premium price than the list price in Japan. You get VAT rebate as a foreigner when purchased directly from shops with vat rebate counter too.
  9. Kitechaser
    From everything I read about the 1960 4 wire cable, it seemed like it would be a so-so fit with iems with a upper mids emphasis, it pairs better with darker iems (phantom etc).
    The CL2 and FW10000 have so many things in common (from all the impressions), I think the 2 wire 1960 would probably be a better fit.
    Anyways, thanks for the breakdown. I would love to get my hands on the Yatono and give it a listen.
    Last edited: Jun 16, 2019
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  10. OnyX Prime
    Yes I agree with you. I did try the yatono 8w with my 64N8, and did I mention I am getting 2 but not 1 yatono 8w in both 2pin and MMCX? (I’m day dreaming again) but seriously, I am at last in love with my N8 and I so torn between getting the 2 pin and MMCX...maybe the new Brise audio Asuha a cheaper alt.
  11. seeteeyou
  12. jmills8
  13. SeeSax
    Agreed with you based on my listening of the 4-wire and 2-wire 1960s cables. Although I had them in 2-pin so have not been able to try the FW10000 with them. My 2-wire MMCX will be here next week, so I will report back!

    And on those Brise photos, wow, those cables look like mini firehoses. I researched Brimar when I was looking for a Japanese cable to go with my Hyla CE-5 and concluded that the ergonomics were not worth the trade off (but also appreciate the benefits of their awesome shielding). Maybe I'll revisit my stance :)


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  14. seeteeyou
    I thought that stuff like this should be considered pretty extreme




    But then again you realize that you haven't really gone off the deep end until you've seen this, the 3.5-mm end of a cable is literally going half-naked but certainly not half-baked. Those wires are so thick to the point where you've gotta get rid of the barrel altogether


    Could triple-run Nano-Platinum Eclipse actually work or what? Plenty of room since we've got 11mm diameter here

    As always there's the $64,000 question, is bigger better when ergonomics aren't the most important factor while we're talking about ToTL IEMs?
  15. OnyX Prime
    Brise audio is able to do bespoke interconnects with your choice within their current cable may category
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