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Victor HA-FW10000: 10th Anniversary model

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  1. unknownguardian
  2. hugo poon
    jvc 10000 tri-silver.jpg
    Plugged in the PlusSound X6 Tri-Silver yesterday... well, it's gonna stay there for a long while, I guess.:)
  3. Jalo
    @hugo poon, Can you describe what improvement it has over the stock cable I know it is balance vs Se? Or any other cable that you’ve tried? By the way where do you get them in HK?
    Last edited: Jul 11, 2019
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  4. hugo poon
    The stock cable is fine and fun but it really sounds a little too 'thin'. Once I plug in the Tri-Silver, the improvement is jaw dropping: fantastic sound stage, beautiful separation with weight and focus; superb dynamic range yet refined at the same time... what surprises me most is the improved mids and lows. My FW10000 has never given me such a balanced sound and sense of "living presence", Hi-fi and musical!:)

    I've also tried the Dita OSLO and the PW 1960s (2 wire). Not too impressive, both of them: the OSLO - smooth yet too many details lost; PW 1960s - good balanced sound yet a little "dull".

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  5. SeeSax
    @hugo poon thanks for the great impressions of that cable. I initially thought the FW10000 could use a warm, musical cable, but you're right: too many details lost is not ideal on this IEM. The detail and soundstage are what make it very special to me. I've landed on a Rhapsodio Copper Wizard mk2 myself, which is an 8-wire high end copper cable. It's not warm, per se, but a darker sound compared to a silver cable yet still incredibly detailed with a black background. I will still try some other cables, like my Labkable Pandora, but I'm pretty happy for now.

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  6. hugo poon
    Thanks Collin. That's what I thought too. In fact, I've never thought of trying the Tri-Silver on the FW10000, not until I found both the OSLO and PW 1960s not a good match... Must give the Rhapsodio a try one day.:)

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  7. Kitechaser
    Did you burn them in? It took about 300 hours for my PW Cable to not sound dark. Now, compared to out of the box, the treble is so soo lively and extended.
    It sounded very attenuated and rounded when it was new.
  8. hugo poon
    I tried them at the same shop. While the PW was a sample, the Tri-Silver was 100% brand new.
  9. Kitechaser
    Okay. I doubt it was burned in, I cant see a shop spending 300 hours doing that.
    Anyways, glad you found a good cable.
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  10. hugo poon
    You must be right. And the PW is definitely a good cable (I've listened to my friend's quite a few times). It's just that the Tri-Silver appealed to me quite a special way that very moment (it still does)- pretty impulsive buying.:)

    Last edited: Jul 12, 2019
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  11. seeteeyou
    Nobody would consider anything like 16-wire IEM cables due to both size and weight, though it's kinda funny to see such MMCX option that's actually available for $799.99


    Interesting to learn that FW10000 could scale right up once we've introduced nice cables as well as more powerful amplifications.

    It's incredible that I was paying only approximately 120,000 yen for my brand new FW10000 here in Hong Kong, that didn't cost much more than my FitEar TG!334 from Mingo Headphone's very first batch back then.
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  12. audionewbi
    I ended up ordering the bakoon hda-5230. I find in this hobby the ideal sound is: 50% is about the IEM/headphone you have, 40% amplification, 9% source and 1% the cable.
  13. seeteeyou
    Do they seriously expect their customers to get this specific battery (3 pieces of them) separately?


    Similar ones didn't come with the connector but they might be compatible


    Then I looked here and soldering seemed to be required


    It would be "funny" to damage FW10000 because of battery-related issues.

    Bakoon Products HDA-5230 小型ヘッドフォンアンプ
    Bakoon Products HDA-5230 Portable Headphone amp
    And then PayPal link would give me ¥169,900 so it's kinda strange to charge international customers more in the first place. Even more expensive on Amazon.co.jp so the best bet should be shopping proxy services while batteries are installed by default. Then we could also combine multiple orders after purchasing stuff like Spiral Dot++ and maybe stock cable of FW10000.

    It's gonna be fun to compare the headphone outputs of QA390 versus using that as a source for HDA-5230. The latter one is single-ended only while the former one would allow us to choose from either single-end or balanced.
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  14. audionewbi
    I sure hope this is not the case, as I got no soldering skills. I should double check, thanks for the heads up. I
  15. seeteeyou
    Granted that particular Korean article should be dated June 2017, therefore it might / might not be the production version while in some cases product prototypes could be quite different from the finalized ones.

    I was looking at some 16-wire IEM cables that were terminated with MMCX connectors, they turned out to be not as "extreme" as I was expecting


    Assuming both MMCX jacks are gonna last long enough, maybe it ain't such a bad idea to give 16-wire cables a try?
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