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Victor HA-FW10000: 10th Anniversary model

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  1. SeeSax
    Never heard the CL2, but I have both the Z1R and the FW10000 and love them both. They're quite a different sound of course, but I would have a hard time believing someone who liked one truly hated the other. They complement each other well and I reach for one depending on mood.

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  2. BlinkST
    I don’t blame you one bit. The way I feel about the FW10000 now, I would pay the MSRP ($1,700) for a spare pair.
  3. audionewbi
    My quest into cable testing for FW10000 still continues. It still amazes me how much FW10K reacts to cable upgrade. When it comes to cables I basically look into where the cables the cable maker sourced from. If they are keeping it hidden and are not willing to share with me who manufacturers their cable or in case they are claiming it is their design from start to end without certification, I call BS on it. Basically majority of "cable' makers out their source their raw cable from NEOTECH and very few talk about it.

    OC studio providely talks about where they source their cable and don't hide it. This naturally makes it harder for them to over inflate their prices as we get a chance to see how much the raw cable cost and do the math our self.

    Anyways, a while ago I bought a set of cable from OC studio, and a mystery cable arrive. It was a gift from David, and since at that time I was only reviewing what I bought, i thanked him for his generosity and did not use the cable. Looking at his site I thought I was sent the OC AuX. In the site it is advertised a smooth and I simply could not hear it. I heard a lot of treble detail, lot of micro-detail and as a result I was little confused, happy with the result but disagreed with how they described it. Until yesterday where I stumbled across the OC studio Grace 2 which is an old flagship cable of them, and the detail of this cable finally match what I hear from this cable.

    Now do I like how it changes FW10K, time would tell, but this is one detail monster cable, specially in treble region. The bass reminds me of PW 1960 cable.
  4. identitymatrix
    Hi Eddie,

    So sorry to hear that Phantasy II does not work for lower than 30 ohm IEMs. I am thinking about trying it with the FW10000....
  5. Peerayu
    Thank you for your review.
    Would you recommend it over the stock cable?
  6. audionewbi
    It certainly changed he sounded a lot more than what I heard from the stock sound. For some it might be an issue as it skews too much from the stock sound.
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  7. Peerayu
    Thanks. Apart from the OC Studio, do you have any recommendations?
    I think it's hard to get the OC studio in my area.
  8. audionewbi
    If you are in Japan please try NIDEON NMC-400, Rosenkranz cable rbbg, Wangua forsty ship and onso cables.
    Oyadie online store from time to time has amazing diy ready to ship, keep your eye for those cablea
  9. Peerayu
    Thank you :) I will try them
  10. CYZZM
    I have the Wagnus flagship Omnisheep, it works so great withFW10000. Comparing to my U18t with Horus8, it's like the two side of the world LOL.
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  11. cfc7
    So, you hate the Z1R?
  12. RSC08
    Any news on the JVC 4.4mm balanced cable?
  13. BlinkST
    Nothing as of yet. The FW10000 was announced in late October, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they launch their new stuff in late October again.

    I suspect that they’re preparing to release a new portable amplifier.
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  14. SolSol
    Nideon cables are so fragile and have poor durability of MMCX connector.
    I would rather recommend omnisheep as I have heard both of them both.
  15. RSC08
    Anyone can compare these to the Fearless Audio Roland?
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