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Venture Electronics (VE) Monk & Monk Plus: a $5 earbud that taking the world by storm!!!

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  1. nmatheis Contributor
    @golov17: I posted this in the main VE thread, but I think it bears repeating here. My son also feel in love with Monk. I gave him Monk plus a high-end IEM. My son is a trained musician, playing piano and trombone in classical and jazz ensembles for many years. He said Monk sounded so much more natural to him - like when he was playing in a small jazz club. While I didn't agree with him that Monk were technically better than the high-end IEM, there's no way in hell I'd purchase the high-end IEM - BUT I'd certainly buy Monk. Much, much better price to performance ratio!!!
    golov17 likes this.
  2. DJScope
    These just look like the red stockings that come with the Monk...
  3. nmatheis Contributor
    One day...
    Three pages...
    $5 earbuds...
    DJScope and Onny Izwan like this.
  4. mochill
    Soon enough it'll be like the Asian thread :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  5. nmatheis Contributor
    BTW, perhaps I'll start an Asura thread to complete the VE Earbud Trinity. Asura deserves attention, too!
  6. DJScope
    Most definitely! 
    Write an adventure story for them like I did! xD
  7. nmatheis Contributor
    Man, Asura are the middle child that gets lost in the mix despite being totally awesome in their own right!
    golov17 and Onny Izwan like this.
  8. mochill
    Bro's all of the VE products are awesome :sunglasses:
  9. RedJohn456

    Asura is treated like the red headed step child of the family lol
  10. nmatheis Contributor
    Except by Justin. Maybe I should like on a quick review for all of them :wink_face:
  11. Ruben123
    Please reserve one for me, can only get one by Thursday lol
    Anyone a comparison against MP8320, KZ ED9 or Havi B3p1? Some of the better budget killers imho. Also had the Earbell e100 but the fit was horrible :frowning2:
  12. nmatheis Contributor

    Huh? Reserve a Monk?

    And just my two cents, but it's not easy to compare earbuds with IEM. They're different animals due to IEM being sealed. Better to compare earbuds with headphones IMO.
  13. peter123

    +1, I wholeheartedly agree :wink:
    DJScope likes this.
  14. Ruben123

    I mean that you all shouldnt buy all the Monks that are available [​IMG]
  15. nmatheis Contributor
    Oh no. I wouldn't do that :wink_face:
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