Vali 2 tube rolling

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  1. HOWIE13
    You may be able to use the 12AU7 with an adapter but the EL84 is a pentode with a heater current of 750mA and that won't be suitable.
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  2. KoshNaranek
    Go to and look around. If you want warm, try the 6cg7. If that is too warm, try the 6922 or ecc804(they are inexpensive)
  3. KoshNaranek
    The 12au7 is a twelve volt tube. You would need an adapter and a 12 volt power supply for the heater
  4. HOWIE13
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  5. KoshNaranek
  6. HOWIE13
    Totally agree with you about ECC804. It's a very good, under-appreciated tube.
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  7. SyDroX
    Yeah it's a price for a lot of 3, so considering the fact one EH6922 costs about the same on amazon (plus shipping since I'm not from the states) I thought this might be a good deal. Even if I won't use the other two. I've tried searching on tubedepot. I managed to find the ECC804. However, I got multiple results for the 6922, some of which were rather expensive. Could you link me the exact one I should be looking for?
  8. RickB✓&keywords=6922+eh
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  9. Brad Riegler
    Tube Depot has some deals on some interesting tubes.

    Correct me if I'm wrong but won't a Western Electric 417A work with an adapter? I think I read somewhere someone really liked it in the Vali 2
  10. Vas19
    Save yourself some time and buy a 2C51/5670 adapter and start rolling those tubes. Vali 2 can hold its own with much more expensive amps. Don't underestimate it based on its price.
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  11. Yayoubetcha
    Try one of these -

    Brand Spanking New, MINT NOS NIB 1970 Amperex/Philips PCC88 7DJ8 A-Frame Dimple Disc Getter Tubes with Dario Miniwatt Label. Identical DJH 40J2 Heerlen Holland Production Date Codes (first letter 4xxxx, 4=delta or left triangle for Heerlen Plant). Boxes are a bit fragile but the tubes are pristine. Very musical and desirable tube in the PCC88 family.

    I have one and they are awesome. 50 bucks but you won't have to buy an adapter or another tube. I have half a dozen 20 dollar tubes I'll sell for 50 bucks so I can buy another, lol.
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