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Vali 2 tube rolling

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by capt369, Jan 8, 2016.
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  1. musicfan145
    Thanks so much. Now the challenge seems to be finding one. I can’t find anything listed as a JW 2C51. How different is it from the 396a?

    Even the 396a seems difficult to find in a single, balanced tube. Tube Depot lists a single NOS WE 396a for $99. I emailed them to ask about triode balance, and this was their response:

    “Thanks for your email. The age of this tube prevents us from accurately testing the triode balance. We apologize for the

    Buying a pair off eBay seems like the only option.
  2. volly
    I'm back just to share some more tubes with you lovely people!

    pic1.jpg pic2.jpg

    For those who are interested:

    Tubes - 6J1P-EV x 2
    Adapter - Dual 6AK5 5654 EF95 TO ECC88 6922 6DJ8 tube converter adapter

    Have fun! :D
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  3. Jacobal
    Does it sound better than one tube?
  4. volly
    Hi Jacobal, I've had these tubes in a pre amp with about 80+ hours before I got the adapter for the Vali 2, so they're fairly well run-in.

    Rolled out the Tungsram Pcc88 which I was running for about a month prior to these voshods.

    As to your question, I'd say YMMV...sorry to sound vague but my initial impressions in the Vali 2 are still quite fresh.

    I will say after a massive listening session with the modi/vali2 and my HD600's, I was in musical heaven, I seriously didn't want to stop listening! This is a great pairing and great synergy at work here!

    One or two tubes? It just sounds freaking nice! and it looks very cool! :D

    Can you get this experience with just one tube, sure, I got a few single tubes that sound amazing, but this is my "Frankenstein" experiment, which after lived to be a very beautiful beast!

    Perhaps, more impressions to come.

    Enjoy the musica!
  5. cmateski
    I've been looking for a headphone tube amp and the Schiit Vali 2 is on the list. Lot's of great information posted here especially about rolling tubes. For me I'm still making up my mind if the Vali 2 is the right platform or not but I found this thread a great read.
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  6. volly
    For the money, the Vali 2 is a great start if you want to get in to tubes. Heck, it could be your last amp.

    I have a bunch of headphone amps but the Vali 2 always gets used! It sounds so well with many of my headphones, which really shows it's strengths as an amp!

    If you end up going for it, there's a lot of info in the threads here regarding the Vali 2 and it's tube choices.

    Good luck and remember to enjoy the music! :D
  7. mickerru
    Torn between an ge 5670 on an adaptor or the amperex usa 6922 PQ for my 1st tube to roll. Anyone here who compared the 2? Need help in deciding. Will use a hd800 and looking for the most detailed and most natural sounding tube to roll. Thanks
  8. volly
    How much are both investments?
  9. mickerru
    I think theres a difference of 50$
  10. winders
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  11. mickerru

    Thanks bro
  12. Lekoguy
    Hi, new guy here.

    I just received my Vali 2 today and haven't even gotten it set up yet. One I get it up and running I'll report back with my first impressions.

    The tube which was supplied is labeled 6BQ7A / 6BZ7 USA. There are no other markings to indicate a manufacturer.
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  13. KoshNaranek
    Welcome to Head Fi. We are all friends here.
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  14. volly
    Welcome to the club dude, give the stock tube a good long run and enjoy the music!

    What cans you pairing with the Vali 2?
  15. Lekoguy
    Thank you!

    I'm looking forward to great interactions about our shared love of truly fine audio.
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