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V-MODA Shield Design Discussion

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  1. aerodrew
    Hi everyone, new to the forum here and I'm thinking of getting a V-moda Crossfade LP2 headset, and since I have a background in design I jumped at the option to design the modular earcup shields. I have this design I made for a morale patch a while back, which I'd like to apply to the shields. It is my original design, however it does include my state flag. I was wondering if V-moda's policies have anything against state or country flags? Also wondering if they can produce greyscale of this depth too.....
    EDIT can't seem to post pics ATM but hope this link works.
  2. TyTB
    I don't think that will work. As Val has stated, the laser etching machine can not do gradients or shades of grey. The metal plate either becomes Etched, or not etched, meaning Black or white. 
    So for example, if you have an orange plate, the lines that are black in your Vector file will show up as white etched metal, and the whites in the vector file will show up as untouched orange metal.
  3. miceblue

    Actually grey is possible to engrave. Val said himself that it is possible. Whether or not it V-MODA will do it is up for debate though as I see you've posted that on their Facebook page. XD

    Grey engraving

    Another grey engraving

    Grey engraving design and failure
  4. trunolimit
    has anyone thought to do a ZELDA themed shield design. You cold have the actual hyrulian shield as the design. 
  5. robble
    Indeed, I've actually got a set of gold shields with the design. Idk how the copyright law works for it, although I guess it's difficult to trademark a set of three triangles and a bird...
  6. trunolimit
    Is there a program or a service that you used or are you just a talented individual and went the DIY route? I'd actually consider purchasing a pair of m-100s when they become available If i could either do it or get it done.
  7. robble
    DIY, but adapting the design is fairly simple if you have enough patience.
  8. aerodrew
    Hmm Instead of taking the risk along with this, I'm in the process of re-vector tracing my design with black and white only. I'm even having to invert the entire end result as well.....
  9. winther
  10. Lawgun
    So am I right that first of all I need to download photoshop form then I put my image in form and finaly send image with form to customs@v-moda.com? But when I need send image and why I can't just donwload image in form through ordering?
  11. miceblue
    You can put your image on the Photoshop template and send the template, or you can send just the image itself. During the ordering process, you can upload your Photoshop template file or image.
  12. Curly21029
    Pardon my groveling, but I must humble myself to the expert e-artists of this thread.  The shields received alongside my M-100 were sent in error (finish and etching) and I have been approved for a new pair.  However, it was requested that I increase the size and resolution of the picture.  I honestly haven't the slightest how to best ensure that the criteria are fully met.
    Digging back into this thread, I had detailed my painstaking process of copying->pasting in Preview (Mac) to achieve my design.  However, I notice that when I increase size the image does indeed distort. (the edges become imperfect and jaggedly gray)  My intent is to have the logo completely composed of perfectly straight lines and right angles.  If one of my gracious Head-Fi peers could please enhance the below image to or in excess of proper quality standards I would be eternally grateful.
  13. BRSxIgnition
    I will fix it for you once I get home in 3 - 4 hours. If you have photoshop and illustrator, you could follow my guide that was posted earlier in this thread.
  14. Curly21029
    Thank you very much for your assistance!  There's absolutely no rush.
    My last run-in with Photoshop was nearly a decade ago.  I downloaded Gimp and simply couldn't figure it out. (your tutorial did seem helpful when I first reviewed it, however)
  15. BRSxIgnition
    Here you are: 
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