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V-MODA Shield Design Discussion

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  1. TyTB
    How's this then? i tried to make it as big as possible.   MyEarShields-Notrees.jpg
  2. TyTB
    And here's yet one more design - the simplest, without the large trees. I've also tried to make the shield as large as possible.    MyEarShields-Copy-Copy.jpg
  3. miceblue
    I like this one the most, and it makes the tree the largest in size.
    I don't know how large your monitor is but I'm looking on a 14" laptop monitor and the shield looks to be about the same size in reality, maybe slightly smaller. At this size the tree is visible and can be recognized, but the smaller details seem a bit cluttered. It might turn out all right though.
    Also, I'm not sure if you're limited by the "safety lines", but if possible widening the "circuit lines" from the shield might look better. At the moment it seems that the left side is narrowed compared to your first designs.
  4. TyTB
    In Adobe illustrator, i've when i set the zoom level to 100% (As I assume V-moda made their template actual-sized) I see what you described, and that the tree's leaves arent very clear, but the overall shape is recognizable. 
    What do you think of maybe using my first design, with the added trees and rocket, but getting rid of the smaller tree inside the shield? Overall, the two tress behind the shield are actually larger than the one INSIDE the shield.
  5. miceblue

    That could work for detail's sake. I honestly like your latest design though since its appearance is very clean-looking. The rocket and trees in your first design seems a bit cluttered in my opinion, but it's really up to you. I think the larger trees in your first design would definitely show up better than the one in the shield.
  6. LambOfJazz
    How does a LP Phantom Chrome would look like with black shield ?
    By saying black I mean matte
  7. miceblue

    Like this?
  8. TyTB
    You seem to be the only person who can help me here so thanks for everything you've already done, and I'm hoping I can get a bit more help.
    My crest didn't turn out the way I wanted it to - instead of regal it looked childish, So, sticking with "Less is more", i've made myself a new simple one, but I'm worried that the elements are still too small and fine. 
    One thing I will add though, I've found an alternate tree I could use instead of the redwood one. Although it doesn't look as good IMO, it's probably easier to laser.
  9. largemouth bass
    Ty- The coat of arms design looks better. But lose the 'ncaa' brackets and extend the sword tips at the bottom.  I noticed one image does not have the sword tips and the other one does, but they are just little nubs. 
  10. largemouth bass
    After much deliberation I have determined the first song to be played on my M-100's......"Naughty Girls Need Love too" by Samantha Fox.
  11. miceblue

    I agree, I like the one with the shield more, and losing the 'ncaa' brackets would probably look nice and clean.
    However, the new simple design also looks nice and clean. Perhaps he can enlarge the tree, sword, and rocket ship in addition to decreasing the space between each icon.
  12. TyTB
    I love how you guys call them NCAA brackets. I had to google that cause I was thinking "They can't be talking about sports..can they?" In reality, they're supposed to be circuits, like the ones on a motherboard. Guess I didn't draw them too well :p
    Anyways, i've compiled all my designs into one picture so that I'm not spamming this board with dozens of posts. I sincerely thank you guys for putting up with me, I'm one of those peopel whos very indicisive about things that are permanent. I've taken your advice and removed the NCAA brackets from number 7, but when I do, the sides look to empty, so I tried putting the trees back in there to fill in the gap. 
    Tell me which ones you guys like the most, and most importantly, whether or not they can be engraved well (Although Im almost certain they can, as you can find some designs on the V-moda facebook page that are very complex, such as this one: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150692472343092&set=a.10150249433353092.370339.106696703091&type=3&theater
    Also, I'l be getting the matte black 'phones.
    Heres the link to my picture. It's on photobucket so that you can see it at full size.
  13. blotto5
    I like 3 the best, number 4 did make me laugh though, so it's up to you if you want to go serious or funny. Just make sure if you go with the text, that it's part of the image and not font based text, hard to explain, vmoda customs describes it as rasterizing the text.
  14. largemouth bass
    #3 minus the March Madness.  The shuttle popping out of the top of the shield on the other images looks a bit 'phallic'. I don't see any problem engraving this except maybe the tree in the upper right quadrant.   It might come out looking like an ink splatter. But I say go for it.
  15. miceblue
    I like #3 as well because it uses the most space in the "drawing zone" for that particular design.

    I like #5 too just because it's unique and I don't think I've seen any design that fully uses the entire space, pun intended :wink:, other than this one.

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