V-MODA M-100: Discussion/Feedback, Reviews, Pics, etc.
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  Wow, it gets better with every edit you do. Thanks a lot, RPGWiZaRD!
Because you're reading the frequency response graph wrong! You have to compare it more to the average amplitude of the graph of some sort, the vertical axis' values means nothing, it could be adjusted versus +10 or 0, it's all about frequencies balance in one region versus another, it's the balance! :)
Compare it instead to the limegreen line drawn below, I read it more like aprox 12dB (peak) bass in LP2 (Beats Studios measures around 10dB bass boost), compared to 5~6dB (peak) M80 and there's been talk about 8~9dB POSSIBLY for M100 due some hints from Val which would fit right in-between. But everything isn't about quantity but QUALITY just as much if not more, the highend Fostex TH-900 costing $2000 measures with like 10dB bass boost too but it has very good quality bass too and therefore doesn't sound bass bloated. :) If quality in the bass response is nice, then even "detailed"-listeners wouldn't have to worry about it. A poor quality bass 6dB boost (resonances, lack of tightness etc) may sound more bloated than like 9~10dB boost if it's done right.

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Until now... 

Type "VTF-100" in the search box on v-moda.com.


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what does the white silver look like?? is shadow the one with red stripes?

White is the one featured in that image of the M-100's on Facebook. Shadow is the same colorscheme as the M80's
I was going to get White + blue or purple shields.

Appealing. If it weren't for the brushed metal shields, I'd have gone with purple, too. I'm just gonna assume they'll be in stock later when they update the site.
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But for me, having the brushed metal shields engraved was just too good to pass up, anyway

Ah... didn't even see the option to get the brushed shields until I read this.  I didn't anticipate it being an option and just ticked everything that I had already had in mind...
...or so I thought.  When I got to the cart, I noticed that I had clicked "Shadow" instead of "Matte Black."  I thought to myself "heck, I don't mind endorsing myself AND V-MODA," so I stuck with the option that has the branding prominently displayed on the headband.  That microsuede is just so.... unique anyway and the Matte seems to be favored by most, so there you go.  One more spot potentially open for someone to get exactly the finish they want. :)
I believe Val said that Jude encouraged him to add something special to the matte.  That and the hinted orange cable are something that I really wanted to see, so post 'em when you get 'em!
EDIT: Just to clarify, I stuck with the matte shields as my extras and am fine with that.  The brushed is a little too cool for my lame arse anyway. 

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