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Uplifting Trance reccomendations

Discussion in 'Music' started by dannyd123, Apr 21, 2012.
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  1. fabian005
    I liked spaces alot havent gotten around to getting his others quite yet. And hmmm if so adamant about that album being good its up next on my list.
  2. fabian005
    I really liked BT's album song across wires! Do you have a last.fm
  3. Hapster

    Song across wires, eh I just couldn't get into it. I really dislike the whole dubstep aspect and while some songs were alright, I really just felt uncomfortable listening to it.
    And no, I've never used last.fm before.
  4. fabian005
    Ehhh to each his own I like all styles of edm, just trance is my favorite.
  5. fabian005
    Ahhh its a great way to track the music you listen to and it provides recommendations based upon your scrobbles(tracks listened to)
  6. erikfreedom
    amr sand dunes.
  7. DJScope
    This song brings me back to my high school days!

    Here's a new release from ASOT.

  8. Hapster
    Just grabbed the album "Magenta" by Giuseppe Ottaviani, solid trance album, check it out!
  9. fabian005
    That is a great album! Lots of great tracks.
  10. urkel


  11. Hapster
    Finally picked up Super8 & Tab's album "Empire" not shure how I missed that one.
    Another great trance album. Also nice to hear the full versions of some songs I already had the radio edits/remixes of. image.jpg

    Found a couple other artists that sound promising, after I get home I'll take a listen to a few of their albums.
  12. fabian005
    I really want to buy this album. Very similiar to Mat Zo.
  13. Hapster

    You think? I like mat zo's remixes, but I really just didn't like his album..

    I've been looking at protoculture's albums, he has like 4, one coming out tomorrow.

    Also grabbed "Personal Way" by Alexander Popov, another solid album with some really nice tracks.
  14. fabian005
    yes very true I very much enjoyed Popov's album and protoculture where have a seen that name hmmmm. :-D
  15. Hapster
    New albums coming out:
    May 2nd, 2014.

    May 9th, 2014. This is their debut album, so I have no idea how it'll sound! Very interested though.
    fabian005 likes this.
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