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Uplifting Trance reccomendations

Discussion in 'Music' started by dannyd123, Apr 21, 2012.
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  1. Hapster
    oh damn! Guess who else has a debut album coming out?
    Scheduled for May 30th, was just announced today.
    Now that's something to look forward to!
  2. zachchen1996
    Introducing "Find Your Harmony"
    by Andrew Rayel & Astell&Kern! [​IMG]
  3. fabian005
    Astell & Kern? I thought they made digital audio components not music as well :O
  4. zachchen1996
    It was a joke xP
    Astell&Kern logo:
    See any similarities? [​IMG]
  5. fabian005
    muhahaha yea I saw the similiarity immediately of course but I really thought you were serious :-O all in good fun though.
  6. Hapster
    Just passing through; recent purchases:

    "WKND" - Ferry Corsten
    76 - Armin Van Buuren (Yes, I know it's fairly old [Also, itunes had wrong album artwork] )
    I also Grabbed 3 albums from Chicane: Giants, Somersault, and Thousand Mile Stare.
  7. fabian005
    I love Chicane!!!
  8. Hapster

    With shuffle on, I find myself checking out the song and finding it to be chicane.

    Can't really give my thought cause I haven't listened to the albums as a whole.
  9. zachchen1996
    Listen to "A Day Without Rain"
    You can thank me later [​IMG]
    fabian005 likes this.
  10. DJScope
    Chicane is still one of my favs. I just picked up the Behind the Sun (Delux Version) 2 weeks ago. Also got John O'Callaghan Subculture and Dash Berlin #Musicislife #deluxe
    PS. Anybody remember Orbital from back in the day?
    zachchen1996 likes this.
  11. fabian005
    I love Dash Berlin too and those are all great stuff +1 to them all and absolute musts.
  12. zachchen1996

    Dash Berlin is truly incredible +1
    Waiting with great anticipation for his #dashers album
    fabian005 likes this.
  13. DJScope
    "Man on the Run" is still my all time favourite song. There are many songs out there that a just "epic" but no matter how many times I listen to that song it gives me goosebumps every single time.
  14. Hapster

    I'm almost sick of it :D

    I've had it on my ipod since the beginning even when I had 72 songs.

    Almost sick....
    fabian005 likes this.
  15. Hapster
    Any idea on approximate release date?
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