Unique Melody Platform Pure 6 (PP6) - review (1st post), discussion, appreciation, & tour thread
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Good points. I have to be sure that I make clear my own priorities, and I will certainly do so in my upcoming reviews of the Chord Hugo and Resonessence Labs Herus. I'm just not a massive "portable" kind of guy. I enjoy that sort of thing at times, and like you I marvel at the novelty of it, but it's not really a "lifestyle" for me as it is for some folks. And I can appreciate the differences in perspective caused by that fact. 
Interestingly, I do listen to CIEMs in my home system. Not a lot of headphones out there that can match the speed and resolution of the top-tier models driven. Bonus points for not needing a monstrous amp to power them. 
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Not sure if it was ever posted here, but i read on another thread that there are no custom cable manufacturers making cables for the PP6.
Toxic Cables has been offering custom cables for the PP6 for little over a year now, with Stephen be the first owner of one.
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Frank, that's great to hear! Not sure how I missed it. I guess we haven't spoken in a while.

UM may have somewhat abandoned their idea of selling the passive cable so the PP6 IEM can be used with a regular amp, but at least there is now SOME kind of aftermarket cable to be had. I'm sure it is up to your usual high standards!
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I've been getting similar results with my PP6 with USB Audio player for Android before the L update-and I doubt my phone will get one.
I usually use it with my laptop though, the declipper from SA tools are quite amazing.
Recently did a demo of Kaiser 10 and JH Roxanne in Soundcat S.Korea and must say the top level CIEMs with good DAC/amps are easily as good if not better.
After around an year of use, PP6 is interesting experience, however lacks a bit of polish.
Clippings are much more isolated in PP6 which is a good thing, it is one of the things that I really love about PP6.
I believe the dynamics are not as wide as should be and bass could use more definition-I usually do it with 1 level bass boost, but usually it loses the resolution. I used declipper with DSP bass boost plugin and they work much better. That being said, I do not believe the tonality is quite neutral enough to be considered a reference monitor, but the sound is again quite unique, if you are considering one, I STRONGLY suggest a demo.
The plug is still too loose and the "pop" from the amp is still quite annoying.
One thing that keeps me excited is the possibility of Unique Melody making an active crossover module for most of their IEM products. With one DAC+DSP/tri-amp module and another passive crossover module to choose from and a wide selection of IEMs that supports either, you can have essentially "build your own active crossover iem". I would really like to see a Merlin with active crossover. 
The final point that I want to make is the number-of-drivers competition in IEM market. Coming from my experience in hi-fi stereo systems, the passive cross over becomes increasing expensive and complicated with additional drivers added. Not sure how this translates to an IEM, but well, it's something to consider.

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