Unique Melody Miracle Review & Impressions Thread
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After auditioning several IEMs at Stereo Vivo and Plaza I settled with UM Miracle V2 and that is not it. The V2 Miracle IMO isn't at its best and at the same time I ordered from Beat Audio teh Vermillion. The IEM matches the cable extremely well so decided to drop in a post here to give a hand to folks whom like to push the performance further.


With the cable upgrade I actually prefers the V2 Miracle + Vermillion over V2 Maestro with stock cables. The combination is still more cost effective and above all else it sounds amazing.
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Waking up an old thread...

I am still using the original UM Miracle, which for the record has an official impedance of 15.9 Ohms. According to the experts / theory, all HP amps with less than 2 Ohm output impedance should pair well with this CIEM.

I have recently acquired FiiO M11 Plus Ltd (DAP) and have compared it to my Hifiman HM901S w/ Balanced amp card. I also have the iBasso D7 Sidewinder USB-DAC for my PC. The odd thing is that even though the manufacturers of all three units claims that the (single ended) headphone output has 1 Ohm (or less) of output impedance, the three sources appears to produce quite different frequency responses - at least subjectively. Using the UM Miracle, the FiiO seems to sound the most balanced, while the Hifiman sounds a bit dark (elevated lower mids and bass). The iBasso sounds just awfully dark. Heavy EQ'ing is needed to correct it. In fact, I have stopped using it with the Miracle for this reason.

I expect the stated HO output impedance in these sources must vary more than the specs implies (the FiiO and iBasso just can't both be around 1 Ohm), but which of these three would then have the lowest, the medium and the highest output impedance?

Anyone here who knows this for sure - or have an official impedance curve of the UM Miracle?
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