1. kimvictor

    NEED ADVICE: Heir Audio 4.A vs UM Mage

    I wonder why I couldn't find a comparison as those two are similar in price and have 4 drivers. As stated by the title, I need help deciding between the two. Here are things that I look for: -Slightly forward mid and treble -Detail and Placement -Bass and Treble extension -Clarity -Mostly for...
  2. A_Dying_Wren

    Ear impressions with a perforated eardrum?

    Hi. Just wondering if anyone has done/knows something about getting ear impressions done with a perforated eardrum. I'm a tad bit worried about the risk of the injection mold getting too far into my ear and damaging my already weakened eardrum. Its probably an overblown worry and I shall be...
  3. Razgorth

    Looking for Classical CIEMs

    Note: This is a blatant repost from the advice thread.   Recently I've been thinking about upgrading to a set of customs, and I'd like some recommendations as to what would suit my tastes.   My budget is in the $200-600 range, although I am willing to go higher if the sound is right. I...
  4. FYJX

    UM Custom Monitor Appreciation and Impressions Thread

    Mini Variation: Any colour/artwork. ITC Hard Acrylic Shell Sensitivity (1mW): 115 dB SPL Transducers: Dual Balanced Armature Drivers Configuration: Dual BA Drivers with Passive 2-Way Crossover Frequency Range: 20Hz-15.5kHz Impedance: 25 ohm Accessories: Large Aluminum Case with Foam...
  5. abbztract

    Reshelling my UM Mage. Worth spending $400 to upgrade to 6 drivers?

    Righty. Reshelling at UM costs $250. Is it worth spending another $150 to upgrade it to a 6 driver set? Also, any idea whether UM would be willing to take my UM + $400 to give me a higher tier IEM?
  6. 1

    Portable Amp for Unique Melody Miracles?

    Hey Guys, This is my first post, so please be gentle :D I've just taken the plunge and bought a very good set of IEM's and want to get some decent equipment to drive them. I only ordered the IEM's today, but I would like to have some gear ready for them when they arrive.   So I currently...
  7. UniqueMelodyAus

    Free Ear Impressions for Unique Melody AUSTRALIA clients.

    FREE EAR IMPRESSIONS AND POSTAGE for Aussie customers!   Starting Wednesday 20th of July and running for one week, Unique Melody Australia will pay for your ear impressions and postage to our head office for every set of Unique Melody Custom in ear monitors ordered. Please note, this is...
  8. Vicks7

    Balanced Cables for Unique Melody Miracles

    Hi All,   I am looking for recommendations for a balanced cable for my UM Miracle custom earphones and would appreciate any recommendations including where to purchase.   Many thanks   James
  9. davidjearly

    Replacement cable for Unique Melody TF10 remould.

    So, now that AmpCity have stolen my money and are no longer replying to emails about my order, I need to get hold of a replacement cable for my custom TF10 that they remoulded. Cost is an issue as they've already taken money off me and there is no sign of getting it refunded. I would...
  10. LyPForever

    Frogbeats Custom-IEM Appreciation Thread

    I start a new thread for discussion because the old thread was closed , I also own the Frogbeat C4 . Feel free to ask if you have any questions . Hope it can help everyone here ;))   LFF's Review ...
  11. MattDGD


    I want a pair of Custom IEM's and i really need help with what brand to choose, is 1964any good  my price range is 600 and under, i would like 3 or 4 armature drivers! Help please:)
  12. Rainman26

    Is there a hiss on Pico Amp?

    Hello there!   I would like to ask if if there is an audible hiss if I will plug my Unique Melody Mages or any IEM (JH, Westone or UE) to the original pico amp? Likewise, is there a channel imbalance at low volumes for IEMS when paired with the amp?     Thanks!     Looking...
  13. cutieboy1428

    Custom IEM Fake Problem ???

    i have ordered an UM Mage through a dealer in VietNam last week now i'm worrying about this problem , is it exist any fake custom IEM or making fake custom IEM can someone help me :((
  14. CowB

    Dilema - W4 vs 1964-T vs UM Mage

    After posting about looking for a cheaper IEM to use instead of my SM3 (the only iem I own), I decided that this probably didn't make sense and if I were to spend money I may as well get something better... Obviously the westone 4 is the cheaper option, and I would only consider the UM Mage if...
  15. S

    Does China made custom monitor worth?

    As I had a look on china's head fi website, found that they were real cheap. Did any bro here try them before?
  16. msemesky

    Best custom IEM for live vocalist?

    Hey everyone, I am a live vocalist looking to purchase custom in-ear monitors for around $400/$500 to use on stage (club size venues). I've been doing a lot of research on head-fi and I'm seeing that there are a number of go-to IEMs such as UE10s, ES3s, etc. but I'm looking for one that is a...
  17. FYJX

    Unique Melody Miracle Review & Impressions Thread

    Unique Melody, a relatively newer company in the custom in-ear monitor world, has brought us a handful of monitors since their arrival. Products range from their dual driver, the Marvel, to their quadruple driver monitor,the Mage. In 2010, the company has introduced a brand new, sextuple driver...
  18. MJ1764

    UM Mage or 1964-Q

    Hey,   Was wondering what people thought about picking between the UM Mage or the 1964-Q. I know that the 1964-Q has only been available for a short time but which would you choose and why? I'm trying to compare apples to apples here (two quad drivers of comparable price, though that...
  19. Kn0x

    Best universal? Vs Customs? 650$ budget!

    Hi!   I decided to sell almost all my gear to get a new set of IEM and I can't decide between Custom or Universal... I listen to pretty much everything and a lot of it.   I can go Used or New, I don't mind and my budget is around 650$ all in all.   I've read so many great things...
  20. Tidal

    Quality of Unique Melody

    There are so many people here who have an experience with Unique Melody, both their original products and their remold services. I'm very interested in the both. But I'm concerning about the quality.   1.(Mage) I've heard that there're some cases of that the response frequency do differ...
  21. darknessproz

    TF10 remold or UM Mage?

    I just bought my pair of used TF10s and the upgrade bug has bitten me again.    So for my next set of IEM purchase, i will be going for a custom IEM.   The 3 options i'm considering so far is this.   1) Remold the TF10s into a 6 driver custom. $620 not including artwork.   2) UM...
  22. Ritvik

    UM Mage vs UM's 6 driver TF10 custom

    Hi there,   This is my first real thread on the forums, I've been around for a while and found so much information that I've almost never had to post to find what I wanted to know! Love the place and the people seem really nice. I'm thinking of going the custom route soon, and thought I'd...
  23. Vergex2

    Where can I buy a Unique Melody Mage?

    Other than Null-Audio? I don't to wait two seasons for them to arrive. Thanks.
  24. mkarikom

    stateside replacement cables for Unique Melody

    Hello all, I'm getting a replacement cable to fit my UM IEM's and wondering if anyone has tried another source for replacement cables.  UM recommended Westone, but many products are advertised as replacements for "Westone,UE,JHA" and the JHA seem to be the cheapest so I am inclined to purchase...
  25. Unique Melody Mage

    Unique Melody Mage

    Custom in ear headphones with quadruple balanced armatures - 2 low, 1 mid, 1 high. Very musical sound, deep sound-stage and excellent instrument separation.