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Ultimate Ears UE PRO 18+ Discussions and Impressions

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  1. hanmq1
    Yeah. I do want the Bluetooth cable for workout and on the go listening.
  2. joshuachew
    Hmmm... Well for me personally. I have 2 units of their Bluetooth cable. It's made by Jaybird btw. Logitech also owns Jaybird. But I dint use the UE Bluetooth cable. You can do what I do and use them wired together with a Bluetooth receiver. The one I use and works like a Charm is the Sony SBH24. I am not sure if I am able to post external links here if products but it's avaibale on Amazon.
    Really hope it helps because that's what I use for when I am in the gym and it really works so well for me.
  3. AC-12
  4. joshuachew
    Wouldn't recommend that for use with workouts. As he said that he'd be using it for workouts. Which is what I use my UE11s for exclusively - together with the UE IPX Super Bax and Sony SBH24
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  5. AC-12
    Maybe for on the go then... Just an option if you are out of options...
  6. hanmq1
    Thanks joshuachew and AC-12 for your valued input.
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  7. Dt1193
    man i'm listening to these right now and its so special. i think its one of the best iems ive ever heard. idk why these are not more popular. i mean... to me these are better than all of 64 audio products.
  8. mrip541
    Just wanted to chime in here. I bought my 18s in 2012 after demoing them at the NY meet, and they are the only piece of audio equipment I still use from that long ago. The sockets did need to be repaired but since UE has switched to a new socket it's not a concern. They still sound fantastic. UE customer service continues to be great. If you need to send in your iems they will overnight them back to you for free. Easily some of the best money I've ever spent on the hobby.
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  9. soullinker20
    so I was able to have an 18+ pro 2nd gen univ.. I prefer the sound over my ciem for this I would sell my 2nd gen custom 18+
  10. soullinker20
    i agree that they sound special. i think the 64audio products are targeted more to consumers whilst UE is more on professionals or performers
  11. fauxfreshness
    I just got my UE 18+ CSX, and they’re phenomenal. I had a fit issue with my right ear, but I seem to always have that and they sent me Comply strips to test for adjustment.

    I’m replying because I thought they included the Bluetooth module on the Pro side as well, and that module has the really handy programmable EQ settings using a parametric EQ app. When I run the IEMs from my old Sony SBH50 module, they’re just too harsh and airy. As a result, I’ve ordered an EarStudio ES-100 BT module/DAC for use with them so I can have more power with my work laptop and MBPs while disconnecting and using Bluetooth with my XS Max.

    The downside to the UE/JayBirds BT module is I’ve only had it a week and the left cable seems to have a fault in it already. Once I’m sure it isn’t the IEM, I’m going to see about swapping it out. Probably a fluke.
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  12. Snowball0906
    Hi, may i know the difference (specifically on sound) between 2nd and 3rd gen of 18+?
  13. soullinker20
    2nd gen is warmer more on low mids. organic. smooth.

    3rd gen is less warmer more on mid to high mid making vocals closer than 2nd gen. more highs presence.
  14. Snowball0906
    Thanks mate!
  15. Snowball0906
    Hi all, i just bought ue18+ pro (universal) recently.. Can u guys suggest which upgrade cable should i get for it? need some inspiration..
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