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Ultimate Ears UE 900 Discussion and Impressions Thread

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  1. Spyro
    Interesting review.  So W4 bass is significantly weightier and stronger than UE900.  Yet many still think W4 is bass lite.  Yet UE900 bass is significantly weightier and stronger than 4.Ai?  That would seem pretty anemic to me and yes I consider Etymotic anemic.  The lack of bass would certainly be a deal breaker for me on 4Ai.  No interest...
  2. tomscy2000
    As novel as the mechanism is, I think it's a bad idea to design it this way because of the tendency for the port to get clogged. It's not like the tips are designed to extend well over the margin of the sound bores; these are designed for the tips to not affect the sound at all. I imagine a quite a few RMA requests to Logitech in the coming months --- "There's progressively less and less bass coming out of my UE900! It's broken!"
  3. tinyman392
    What's odd is that this doesn't match up with the graphs that have been shown :p  Both the W4 and 4.Ai has less bass than the W4.  This puts them between Etymotic (4.Ai is said to be above Etymotic) and W4.  W4, to me is about 3 dB above that of the Etymotic (5 dB mid-bass boost).  The UE 900 is 1 below the W4 (4 dB boost).  The UE 900 is significantly weighted over the 4.Ai.  Which would mean that it would have a 3 dB boost to remain within bounds...  Note Etymotic and W4 bass boosts are subjective, but the rest are relative to the Etymotic and W4.
    The way the 4.Ai has been described is with a much larger than 1 dB above Etymotic level boost...  Something really struck me as odd with his comparison :p  Had so many questions, I also felt like I read a large bias in his review (over-blew it towards one side IMO). 
    The drop in bass will eventually stop.  You are right though, I can forsee a few RMA requests about this.  At the same time, some might relate this to the "burn in" (burn in in quotes because this isn't driver burn in happening :p) process :p 
  4. keppa

    Makes me wonder whether the reviewer himself is much of a target for these $400 headphones. Him wondering the replacement cord without the mic/quick buttons without any sound change makes me think of this. I could see myself changing that cord on just for the sake that it's not flashing blue and doesn't have the buttons I don't much need when listening music. Anyhow nice looking earpieces though I'm wondering when too much armatures in one earpiece is too much.
  5. max pl
    yeh that reviewer is a fool.
  6. Ultrazino
    Hi, this is an amazing observation. I don't know if this really is the reason, but it makes sense.
    I will back you up and claim that my UE900 have lost the veil and also have fewer bass quantity now. My only comparisons are very detailed notes I took when I compared them to the 4.Ai and now review my notes before releasing them.
    Now I find the Heir slightly more veiled with female voices than the UE. But it's so minimal that I wouldn't dare speak of a veil.
  7. DrSheep
    New here and very nicely done review.  I am using my UE900 with the V-moda VAMP now, but I am considering trying out the Westone 4R just to compare.  To be honest, I do think driving the UE900 with the VAMP is an overkill, as I don't find it to have too much of an improvement over my iPod 5th gen or iPhone 4S internal DAC.  Will see...
  8. gsxart
    I just picked up a pair of UE 900s, I was very excited to give them a try but after using them on my iphone, I felt very underwhelmed by their performance.  I get that they ate very neutral, but I just couldn't get the punch that people talk about....until i hooked them up to my laptop and fiddled with the itunes eq.  I get it now, I only wish they could sound that way on my iphone.  Any ideas or suggestions?
  9. Ultrazino
    ^ Which phone are you using? iPhone 4 is the only fully multi-BA compatible iPhone. iPhone 5 has a high output impedance (I think almost ~4 ohm), which will alter the sound.
    From all top tier neutral universals I've heard, I think the UE900 has the best balance of body and punch. The Heir is a bit thinner sounding, but maybe you'd prefer that kind of punch? Else you could try the PFE 232 which has A LOT of punch... Or directly go to dynamics which have the much more fun sounding bass anyway. (Oops, did I say that out loud?)
  10. Swimsonny
    I can not comment for the W4 in this. It is indeed weightier, bigger looser body and better extended but the mid-bass is in better quality on the 4.Ai, a little bit less in quantity and much tighter and faster to the punch. As i said in the comparison, this 4.Ai has enough of a boost to satisfy those who find the Etymotic to have not enough bass but without being over powering. I would not say that the 4.Ai lack bass and the UE900 certainly do not, as they are now, this is supposed to change though.Overall speed timbre and clarity make these do different beasts though as far as i am concerned. To put any bias claims at rest, both were free of charge review units from manufacter so i have not biased.
  11. tinyman392
    A bias does not exist in the medium used to obtain the objects. It's within the writer itself swim. You are free to claim that you are free of bias. Do beware, however, I still feel you have one in this case. Well wait and see.

    The only thing you proved is that your bias doesn't stem from how you got the products. It doesn't mean it doesn't stem from another idea.
  12. rmappita
  13. Peculier
    The review says the X10i is better than the UE900? [​IMG]
    From personal experience, I've tried the X10i before... it felt like I was sticking a toothpick into my ear.
  14. DrSheep
    No way.  I have the X10 and it is less define than the UE900 but more neutral sounding and better fit.  The default medium size tips worked fine for me with the X10, but I did switch them with the T100 Comply tips for a better seal.  So if you think the X10 tips are too small/loose, try them with the Comply tips and they should work better.
  15. Ultrazino
    Nothing new. It's joker's review. I'm glad I have compared the UE900 for myself because my opinion is slightly different. But just slightly.
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