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Ultimate Ears UE 900 Discussion and Impressions Thread

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  1. violencer
    My Vsonic VSD3 sound same good as Audio-Technica ATH-IM70, and IM70 is almost in the same level as my Sony XBA-H3 or UE900 with my phones.
    But if you really want try most potential from the UE900 price point, you should use at least mid-fi DAP, for example FiiO X3II or X5II (or with External DAC+AMP). What you get from DAP/External DAC in comparison to phones is more detailed and bigger sound. But again, different from phones and DAP/External DAC would be personal experience, for someone noticeable, for someone not. However, with DAP/External DAC you get more noticeable difference in sound between UE900 and KC06A.
  2. Criss969
    I cannot agree with that at all. I have both the IM70 and IM50, as well as the UE 900 and they have vastly different sound signatures. The UE 900 is much, much more analytical
  3. Tommy C
    I had the UE900 and the 900s. I think they sound good straight from an iPhone, laptop or a PC. Reliability was an issue although I babied them.  I settled on Denon AH-C120MA at the end, cheaper and durable. SS is flat with nice punch and a little sparkle. I find the sound of the Denon more natural and true which I dig. 
  4. violencer

    I'm saying in performance with phones not in sound signature. :)
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  5. voldemortnbk
    Guys i bought an Fidue A83 yesterday. My music type like this:

    So the Fidue A83 or UE900 fit me better? And my source is just from phone, i don't like to buy DAP, i want to save my money for desktop combo. :'(
    Thank you.

  6. Criss969
    This is not related to the last post, apologies. Also, I have trouble explaining things so please be understanding.
    I have just found the budget audiophile's dream setup! (atleast for me)
    I have the Fiio E09K that I have been using with my PC's X-Fi Titanium HD. The sound is great and I thought I had reached the most detailed sound possible with this setup. Well, I decided to use my Fiio X1 in conjunction with the E09K and.... WOW! I was NOT expecting the sound to improve in any way. The X1 and E09K together open up my UE900s sound stage even further as well as provide a little more clarity in cymbal hits, etc! The instruments have become easier to place in the sound space as well as vocals are much more forward. For me, this has brought on a new love of my UE900s!
  7. violencer

    I don't know how exactly sound A83, considering to reviews of A83, they both should sound good with Indie Pop/Rock. There are just a little difference on sound characteristics, A83 should be more warm with more natural bass and a little more sparky treble.
    However, guitar, vocal, piano is what sound great on UE900 and speed of overall sound is awesome for that price. I like listen to Indie Rock (something like Message To Bears), as well as crazy fast textured style Breakcore (Ruby My Dear) on my UE900.
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  8. Ehr33

    Been enjoying it for almost 3 years now. Recently upgraded to Effect Audio Crystal cable and Otterbox Pursuit 20.
  9. chaud

    Woah, the faceplate still look pretty nice with the black paint chip off! I am using the effect audio thor copper cable as well! :thumbsup:
  10. Greutel

    Looks great! How do you like the cable so far? The Amazon Reviews suggest bad QC..
  11. natalieann
    I couldn't get three pairs to last more than three days....that is awesome you got a good working pair
  12. Ehr33

    Compared to the stock cable, the changes quite subtle, in a positive way. A bit brighter and make the iem sound faster. You gonna lose a bit sub bass. I'm preety happy with the build quality of it, nothing to complain. It's very well made. Cheers!
  13. imperialdragon
    Hey guys, I've just hit a major roadblock in my RMA.
    I have a pair of UE900 (1245 series) that have the connector issue (audio intermittently cuts off). The black paint also peels off. I contacted Logitech support and they offered me an RMA.
    But here's the issue:
    The senior service support staff whom I spoke with said that UE900/UE900S are no longer in production and hence the RMA team is unable to offer that as a replacement.
    They said they can offer the UE9000 headphones or UE MEGABOOM as a replacement instead.
    I'm quite deeply disappointed because the UE900S is still listed on their website for sale, whereas the UE9000 (year 2012?) which they're offering instead, is no longer being produced.
    Any ideas on what I could do?
    Just in case you guys needed to know - I live and reside in Singapore, and my UE900 were purchased from the US.
  14. Greutel
    Thanks for the mini review!
    I think i'm going to get one of these when my blue cable breaks.
  15. violencer

    You can fix connector issue (audio intermittently cuts off) with this tube: http://www.amazon.com/DeoxITLiquid-squeeze-tube-100%25-solution/dp/B0015A5AAY. I had same problem before.
    I believe that is true about they are no longer in production. UE900 was released in 2012, updated to S in 2014, now we are in 2016, they maybe will release a new earphone in this year or maybe they will leave this year UIEM market. However, what they are offering to you, it is unclear strategy if UE9000 is still in production.
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