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UK 2012 Head-Fi Meet - September 15th Cambridgeshire.

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  1. eskimo
    This is my first post. Was going to wait till i could post an introductory topic somewhere, but i'm currently too busy. And Andy's enticement with this open competition forces me to post early [​IMG]
    I am very much looking forward to this. Only discovered this new hobby a couple of months ago. Hopefully can learn some, and meet many nice people.
    I don't have the best kit, but it wouldn't feel right if i turned up empty handed. Plus if i get the chance i can demo some peoples DAC Amps with my DTs. I will bring a Cowon J3 flac'd out, DT990 Premium 32ohm and ATH-M50s because i didn't see them on the list. People will be welcome to demo the EQ on the Cowon and use their own phones.
    I also might be interested in some food after. Not seen any further mention of that, but i guess it'll be organised there and then.
    Unfortunately/ fortunately (however you may look at it), i'm travelling from near Leicester to this Saturday morning, then heading home sometime after to South Glos/ Bristol. Not much of a help lift wise, but if it is feel free to contact me.
    Sooo i'm going to place more faith in the athletes and say 27 GOLD! 14 Silver and 14 Bronze.

    If anyone does ask a question direct to me, i won't be able to reply for a week. I will try, but i'll be away.
  2. OK-Guy
    29 Gold
    17 Silver
    21 Bronze
    ps... welcome Eskimo [​IMG]
  3. Mattyhew
    This sounds awesome, would really like to attend. Travelling from near Nottingham and so would much appreciate a lift if any kind traveller is willing :)
    I am planning on bringing my AD2000s and can bring my Gilmore Lite if people would be interested. :)
    Cheers and cant wait :)
  4. Holowlegs
    Hello there
    Well here is my guess.
    Gold 29
    Silver 18
    Bronze 18
    Cheers Frank
  5. Rearwing
    Hi, very much a newb, but very much interested in attending. I have a simple set up of Fidelia on my Macbook, with an E17, Neco Soundlab V2 amp, Little Dot V2 and a rockboxed iPod. My pride and joy is my recently acquired German Maestro headphones, which I procrastinated about for eleven months!!
    Best wishes
  6. Mattyhew
    Oh and my guess is 
    26 gold 17 silver and 18 bronze
    Goodluck all :)
  7. shadesbass
    Since my original prediction has already been exceeded (go Team GB!), and Andy has very kindly allowed a new guess, I'll reguess at 29 golds, 18 silvers and 20 bronze medals.
  8. Mattyhew
    Just out of curiosity whats the current headcount :)
  9. smial1966
    86.45623  [​IMG]
  10. smial1966
    You're most welcome to attend! We're a friendly bunch and the meet is a great opportunity to try out different kit. 
  11. Mattyhew
    Fell bad for Mr .45523 . Id imagine his ability to wear a pair of headphones has been somewhat limited :p
    ps. Do we buy raffle tickets at the event or ahead of time :)
  12. Stormfriend
    It depends which half is missing...
  13. smial1966

    Raffle tickets can only be purchased at the meet.



  14. smial1966

    Just watched the men's 5000 metres and Mo blitzed the opposition.

    Interestingly, Steve Cram and Brendan Foster who were commentating appeared to be wearing Sennheiser HD25-II - split headband, small earcup with telltale protruding wire.

    Audiophile headphones used by the BBC - good show auntie!


  15. shadesbass
    HD25's are pretty common in broadcast (I think they were originally developed for that market actually). They also make a version with a boom mic attached.
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