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UK 2012 Head-Fi Meet - September 15th Cambridgeshire.

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  1. TheAttorney
    All Mitt was doing was reflecting back all the Brit moaning that was going on before the start of the games: security debacle, transport and the likes of the Daily Mail pronouncing that we're all doomed.
    His big mistake was in not realising that...
    (a) Brits like to moan a lot about themselves
    (b) Locals hate it when an outsider repeats the same criticisms that they've just made themselves
    (c) Even if we're all doomed, a diplomat must keep smiling, shaking hands and patting heads
  2. FragmentedGod
    Yes, it was ironically very undiplomatic.  And to be fair those first two statements are true of most places as well, the second especially of the US, so I'm not sure what he was trying to achieve except perhaps more pointless scaremongering. 
    Re Boris:  http://i.imgur.com/bKCUN.gif  :wink:
  3. shadesbass
    Who's bringing the balanced JVC DX1000's? I'll be very interested to hear these. What connector(s) are they terminated with?
  4. zenpunk
    4pin XLR [​IMG]
  5. shadesbass
    Like this?
    1: Left +
    2: Left -
    3: Right +
    4: Right -
    Do you use a 4-pin XLR to 2 x 3-pin XLR adapter or does your amp have a 4-pin XLR output?
    I'm currently recabling my Denon D2000's so interested to know what other people use.
  6. zenpunk
    Yes. That's seems the to be the standard way.
    My amp uses a single 4-pin XLR (LD MK6+)
  7. smial1966
    Here's a post specifically for Head-Fi newbies who don't own a dedicated portable headphone amplifier yet.
    If you're still using your iPod (or other DAP/smartphone) without a headphone amp and are contemplating buying one but don't have that much disposable income, are an impoverished student, or are interminably indecisive...
    ...here's your chance to win a brand new Electric-Avenues PA2V2 headphone amplifier for nowt. I bought the amp about 2 years ago, stored and forgot about it until yesterday when it emerged from a storage box. The PA2V2 has never been used and is a great starter amp.
    To win it there's nothing to do, apart from posting a thread message and explaining that Head-Fi is a new hobby and that you don't yet own a headphone amp.  
    Please be HONEST and only ask for the PA2V2 if you genuinely don't have an amp yet. All entries will be put into a hat and the winner drawn at random on Tuesday 21st August at 18:00
    vkvedam likes this.
  8. jr41
    You get 50+ philanthropy points for this Andy, very nice idea and very generous again.
  9. SpudHarris Contributor
    Andy, would you happen to know what the preference is for staying over? Friday before or Saturday after?
    I'm favouring the Friday but don't want to be Billy no mates [​IMG]
  10. Somnambulist
    Anyone looking to try my NAD M51 out with their set up - let me know in advance so I can see what the interest level is so I can make sure everyone can have a play about - and bring all your coax/optical/usb/AES cables since I'll probably forget mine lol.
    I should have my MG6Pro customs by then to try out various portable gear too but it'll probably be tight timing wise because I'll only be sending impressions off this Friday morning. Boo!
  11. smial1966
    I think that the consensus is to book a Travelodge room for the Saturday night, but guys please feel free to correct me if you've booked the Friday night instead!
    We don't want Spud to be lonely!  [​IMG]
  12. zenpunk
    I would be interested in comparing it to my M-DAC [​IMG]
  13. FragmentedGod
    Holowlegs is kindly giving me a lift up and we've each booked a room for Saturday night.  So there will definitely be the two of us there at least heh.
  14. Mattyhew
    Quick Question, does any1 know where I can get a high quality IEC Kettle plug (230v)? Since Ive noticed that some give me static through my amp? 

    Last chance to win the opportunity to give this lovely gentleman a lift!! :p
    Need a lift back to the East Midlands area, either on Friday or Saturday. whichever works for me :) (Just further up north would be great be a help) 
  15. Somnambulist
    No problem - it's pretty much all I'm bringing anyway so it'll be good for it to get around the room and fit in different set ups.
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