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UK 2012 Head-Fi Meet - September 15th Cambridgeshire.

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  1. ElectroMod
    Hi Andy,
    September is going to be a good month for Headphone users as i have working with Justin from the Hi-Fi Show in Silverstone on the weekend after the meeting (22nd/23rd) yes i know no weekends for me this month. I can confirm that there will be a Headzone at the show which is just headphones and the companies that have confirmed at the moment are Sennheiser, Grado, Just Audio,German Maestro, Schiit, Hifi-Man, Dunu, Stax, Audio-Technica, AKG and many more so if you cannot make Andy's amazing meeting you can still get your headphone fix.
    I will be at both so if you wish to ask me any questions at the Cambridge about this show by all means i will try and help.
  2. smial1966
    I guess the solution is for you to organise next years meet in Manchester! I'd come as the city is great and northerners are generally friendly.  [​IMG]
  3. suicidal_orange
    I actually live in Taunton, Somerset - it's probably too West for Londoners and too South for everyone else but it does have a train station and motorway junction so I guess it's not a completely crazy idea to have a meet here.  I'll post an interest check when this meet has passed - hope everyone enjoys it [​IMG]
  4. SpudHarris Contributor
    Taunton's cool for me, I love that part of the country (Holiday in Burnham most years). If you organise something I'll be up for it.
  5. Stormfriend
    I got my AC regenerator up and running last week, and it's so consistent I've been able to look at my Dacmagic and Earmax Pro again, both of which were unusable plugged straight into the wall at this house.  I spent most of the day today comparing DACs and amps and although the T-DAC eventually won out because of its richness, the Earmax has displaced the MF M1 HPA.  So my system now looks like the following:
    Power Inspired AG1500 (AC regenerator)
    Laptop running Foobar
    M2Tech Hiface EVO (with RA psu)
    Micromega T-DAC (20 years old)
    Earmax Pro (tube-rolled)
    HD800s (Cardas cabled, but waiting on replacement earpads for the show)
  6. Somnambulist
    Nice. I was going to get one of those AG1500's at some point - seems a great bit of kit for a great price (which can't be said for most similar units).
  7. Stormfriend
    Yep, I spent absolutely ages reading reviews on the PS Audio units and would probably have ended up with one of those, except no-one I spoke to could lend me a demo unit.  In the end I just crossed my fingers and bought the AG1500, which is working well.  It's not completely inaudible, but its so quiet I don't notice it.
  8. Somnambulist
    You can replace the fan as it's just a bog-standard one, I do believe. Some people just turn the fan speed right down but I'll probably do the former.
  9. Stormfriend
    I have a PC with a single Noctua cpu fan on an ultra-silent resistor and the Enermax psu in it was the quietest one reviewed (at QuietPC.com or somewhere similar - they did a big noise level test).  I removed all my old disk drives and replaced them with SSDs as the drives were noisy, and fitted a passively cooled graphics card as well.  The PC is still louder than the AG1500, but that's because I pulled it forward slightly to fit the regenerator in.  I'm sat a metre away from the AG1500 and half a metre from the PC.  When I had the PC in the alcove the AG1500 now sits in it was noticebly quieter itself, so we're talking subtle changes.  If I lean back in my chair it gets quieter too, 30-50cm makes a difference, although standing waves may be involved in that too.
    To put it into context I bought a WD Mybook with a couple of disk drives in it and the noise was so annoying I stopped using it.  I also plug in a small 2.5" removeable drive occasionally for backups and that's noisier than both the PC and the AG1500 combined, albeit partly because the noise of the disk spinning is a higher frequency.
    I'm using the AG1500 on its quietest setting of course and I'm not really complaining, just noting that it's not completely silent.
  10. julianbell92
    I wonder if you might extend the deadline of the competition Andy due to a lack of entries?
    If you do, I'll hazard a guess at 25 Gold, 16 Silver and 20 Bronze medals for Team GB!
  11. Sceptre
    Here is my medal guess.
    26 Gold, 17 Silver, 19 Bronze. Total  61.
  12. shadesbass
    Given that I have no idea how many events are left, I'll guess 24 Gold 17 Silver and 17 Bronze.
  13. MrQ
    25 Gold
    15 Silver
    16 Bronze
  14. alvin sawdust
    25 Gold
    15 Silver
    15 Bronze
  15. smial1966

    My thoughts exactly!

    The competition deadline is now extended by 24 hours - closes Friday at 18:00

    All previous entrants can submit a new informed guess if they wish to.

    GOOD LUCK - one of the prizes is a HiFiMan DAP, but not the HM800.



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