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HI All,
We have offered a number of loaner programs over the years and continue to try to get gear in your hands that you might not normally be able to audition in your own home. In the past we have had some great loaner participants who wrote their reviews and sent the products on in a timely manner. Some others did not write reviews and/or did not send the unit on to the next user in a timely manner.
This time around we are looking for serious people who will, for the ability to audition this fine equipment in their own homes, do what they have signed up for. We hope you have fun with these products and look forward to your thoughts on them. And maybe even your business when it comes time to purchase!
Be sure to include your user name at Head-Fi, your address and telephone number when emailing Todd to sign up. And only one product can be borrowed by someone so please do not ask for all three or even two. Pick the one you are interested in and we will make sure you get it! Thanks!!!
HE1000 loaner program:

This week we shipped a HE1000 headphone to our first loaner recipient and are looking for others who are interested in hearing AND buying the HE1000. He is what we want for the 1 week loan of our HE1000....  After using it for 1 week you will pack it up and send it to the next loaner program participant in a timely manner. You will be expected to write a short review of the HE1000. We are asking that only those who are serious about buying these sign up for the loaner program. They are expensive and serious headphones and our hope is that we can assure those who are looking to buy that the HE1000 is for them. We of course also expect you to purchase it from us if you listened to our headphone. Email to get in line for the HE1000
AudioQuest NightHawk loaner program:

Next Monday we will ship the loaner out to the first one to sign up for the loaner. You will have 1 week to audition the NightHawk. We expect a short review of the NightHawk and for you to ship it to the next loaner participant in a timely manner. It would also be nice if you were to be considering it as a purchase and if you like it to buy one from Only fair right! Email to sign up.
Meridian Explorer2 loaner program:

You will have 1 week with the Explorer2. We expect a review upon the completion of your time with the Explorer2 and for the unit to be sent on to the next participant in a timely manner. We would hope that you would be considering buying an Explorer2 and hopefully from us! Email todd@ttvjaudio to sign up for this loaner program.
Coming soon - loaner programs for the Grado GH1, EnigmAcoustics Dharma
Have a fun and safe 4th of July!!!
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I would be very interested in the Nighthawk loaner. I have a great deal of experience writing reviews, so I hope you'll consider me. Please PM me so I can send you my address if you're interested in having me.

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I signed up for both the NightHawk and the HE1000.
How about the Dharma?
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  I signed up for both the NightHawk and the HE1000.

^Great candidate.  I'd sign up for the HE-1000 myself if the intent to purchase wasn't a requirement.  And probably a good thing so I don't feel like I HAVE to have it.
EDIT: Actually, if it can trump my longtime favorite HD-800, I may consider purchasing.
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Hi All,
Thank you for your interest in the loaner program. I forgot to put that when you email me please include you user name here at Head-Fi, your address and telephone number. Also, I have to limit each person to 1 item to loan... I am trying to get this gear into as many folks hands as I can. If at the end there is room for it to go to you as a second loan, I will do it. So please ask for whatever product you want first and tell me if you want to wait for a chance at a second item. I hope you understand...
The headphones will be going out next week!
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I'm be interested in the Explorer 2 loaner program.
I own an original Explorer 1.  Curious to see how the new one performs.
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Is this international? I would love to try out the Dharma when it comes around :D
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PM'd @Todd...
Thanks for the consideration for this great program.
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Very interested in auditioning the HE-1000! Email sent. 

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