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Not only does he post/reply here. He also helps customers back on the company web site. Thanks for the time / advice BTW Bob. :wink:. The Spinfits have undoubtedly enhanced my Delta v1 listening experience. I can sleep with them in now as well , really strange how eartip changes are a big thing. )
If anyone deserves a lay down in a dark room for a while it is this man .
I don't mind the extra waiting , new toys are always great to look forward to, as long as you have A way of listening to music in the meantime. Stick with it people . It's not like there arent other manufacturers out there , but I have never known a company so dedicated to providing so much to its customers.
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i prefer bob selling hyperion

If I'm remembering right, the Vyrus is supposed to be the replacement for the Hyperion. Because of the delay on the Vyrus (wasn't originally adjustable with filters), the Vyrus is still listed at £49, not including HeadFi discount. I don't think that is twice as much as the Hyperion.
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after i bought ep001 i realise why they put longer noozles cause you cant push them in ear at all. you dont know if you get a seal or not cause its always outside of ear.

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Wish we knew a little more about the trip though, even what kind of sound profile Bobtrinity has in mind.

screw it took the risk and ordered, hopefully we will know more before the M6 KS campaign is live so I can decide to switch if I think it will not be to my tastes. I have enjoyed the Hyperion and Atlas so far, although would be nice if more alteration in sound from the Atlas from a filter change.

Couple of things I noticed, silver cable is now advertised as 8 wire copper litz, and Headfi discount works.

Order number #2544.
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WOW, I dont post for a couple of days and things all go crazy here.
Ok for those that need some updates here they are.
Master 4 and 6 being reworked with new filter system before shipping out to @Brooko and @Hisoundfi .
As usual we do take the feedback very seriously and sometimes a fresh pair of ears/eyes helps you refocus and make some little tweaks. As soon as they are done they are back of to the guys for impressions.
We have extend the pre-order discount deadline on the master 4 until the end of the month for those still on the fence.
We have been working like crazy to get the Phantom Air finished as we can't film for kickstarter without it being done, Master 4 and 6 are done, just needs the filter tweaks as discussed.
We are working as fast as possible to get everything wrapped up for you guys, for kick-starter backers (BT cables), however the one thing we absolutely categorically won't do is rush and not get something right. honestly would rather have annoyed people than send out crap, thats not what we do or what we are about.
I know I usually post 7 days a week, but the sun was calling and needed some time out with the family, so in the search for relaxation we decided to climb some massive hills and explore some caves 

Any way, if there is anything else please ask.
In the mean time



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