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  1. Midgetguy
    You sure about the litz cable? I've only seen one report about someone getting a cable. Coulda been others have received it though and didn't say anything.
  2. FUYU
    LMAO. Now I get why they changed the slogan to TRUE AUDIO JUNKIES. Whatever they are smoking, must be real' good. :ok_hand:
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  3. Karendar
    Weeeell... Are you waiting for one? Because I think that's the only way we'll know they haven't shipped. :wink:
  4. JaeYoon
    Wow :frowning2:
    I'm sure he's hard at work lol.
  5. nocchi
    I will receive my Master next week ''Guaranteed'' since its already hit my borders. If I didn't nagged Jake about my tracking info I wouldn't have known. It was shipped last May 4 btw
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  6. JaeYoon
    Congrats! Your PM Master is coming then!

    Wait didn't you also mention you paid 10 GBP for tracked shipping?
    Last edited: May 10, 2017
  7. nocchi
    Yes I did paid for the tracked shipping, this also happened on my previous order where they didn't provide my tracking # without asking them. Well this gonna be my last purchase from them ''Guaranteed''
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  8. everittroad
    Thanks. I guess the other option will be to tinned the connector with solder to increase the diameter. That might work....
  9. hernandoco
    Well did you wait 3 months and a half plus next week. No you did not. You have to wait till next week.
  10. ocrynox
    I'm thinking of going to my bank and asking for insurance to give me a refund... I honestly think no one will ever receive pm6 or Hunter and they're just on the edge of bankruptcy.
  11. fpessolano
    Their guaranteed word is worth nothing, this week they are shipping (*again*) guaranteed master6 and hunter to me. Do i beleive it? No
  12. majo123
    All these conspiracy theory ...jeez!
    Small company takes your money up front to build your iem, hence terms and conditions i.e delays and subject to change.
    And from previous posts from bob have clearly made some significant changes to some of the iems to benefit us , once again hence the delays .
    Im not saying there business model is perfect and I'm not saying there shouldn't be more transparency but i genuinely don't blame the guy for not wanting to come on here and explain when I feel a lot of people didn't understand the business model in the first place and he probably felt backed into a corner because of complaining and made further promises that they couldn't keep.
    Who knows why there's more delays ???
    Could be a supplier hadn't got enough tips to send ?
    Could be a problem with packaging?
    Could be any number of problems.
    My point is that none of us want to receive a product thats not finished and i think (just a guess) thats why some have recieved there master without some extras because trinity felt backed in a corner to ship.
    Also over speculating could cause serious problems to trinity and then NO ONE gets there iems! And also I would hate anything to happen to trinity because they are genuinely making fantastic iems.

    Once again i understand frustration some have waited nearly a year and you have every right to be frustrated/ worried where your product is ...but i feel all the conspiracy theory is not helping.
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  13. Tommy C
    ^^^ it's one thing to have delays and communicate it properly to the customers who paid and it's a whole new story to lie to your customers by telling them everything was shipped, and then everything but 270 IEMs mostly head-fi members but then in reality only Master and Vyrus popped up here and no word on the Atlas Delta, and Hunter and PM6 are nowhere to be found.
    Do you find it acceptable just because they are a small company? I sure don't.
    Everyone here who contacted them was told "next week". Come on already.
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  14. ncristia
    Just saw on one of the other Trinity threads that the balanced cable looks to be 3.5 to 3.5, not 3.5 to 2.5 like was originally planned. This is what pushed me over the edge to cancel remaining three orders. I have the Master and it is a wonderful Iem but a large part of my decision to purchase it and the Icarus III was the balanced availability. My apologies for my small rant if there is a 3.5 to 2.5 available.
  15. PxOR
    just got the new Master. the plates are rough around the edges (literally) but the sound, whoo, the sound :):)

    personally i think makes your wait worthwhile

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