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Tralucent Audio 1Plus2 IEM (Now With 'New' 1Plus2.2!) Impressions Thread

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  1. Kiats

    Heheh! Will do, H20. I used to listen to him on the Ref1 Too and it was mind blowing, especially the bass in some of the tracks.
  2. H20Fidelity Contributor
    I'd be surprised if you didn't like it, his vocals are something else. :)
    Yeah, I'm a massive fan as we know. 
    Tralucent earphones and his music are made for each other.
  3. tgdinamo
    I mentioned on one of Tralucent threads (about a month ago) that I was getting Lotoo Paw Gold (actually I was talked into getting one [​IMG]) so here is some early feedback after I have had the LPG for about 3-4 days. This could probably easily go to LPG thread but since I exclusively use the original Ref 1 and original 1plus2 I figured I'd post here instead. Just as a reference point I have until now only used my Tralucent phones with Tera, although I have also tried HM901, AK120, and AK240 - but much preferred Tera to all of those sources.
    However things are getting more interesting/competitive with LPG. I have been pretty consistently liking Ref 1 more than 1plus2 for use with Tera. While 1plus2 is magical with classical music and voice (when no sibiliance) overall I felt Ref 1 is better and more consistent match accross wide variety of music as far as Tera pairing. 1plus2 in some cases could also lack some bass when used with Tera (at least compared to Ref 1 which has a very nice amount of bass with Tera).
    However, I have some different findings with LPG. I much prefer 1plus2 to Ref1 with LPG. LPG itself seems to have a fuller body, bigger stage, more headroom and power than Tera and what that does with Ref1 is makes the bass overwhelming and little muddy for me - to the extent where bass dominates so much that voice (and I guess midrange and treble overall) are nowhere as prominent/balanced as they are is when Ref1 is used with Tera. 1plus2 however is really phenomenal pairing with LPG which has very impressive full body so the bass ends up really perfectly balanced with other frequences - it's a match made in heaven in my opinion. Another thing I find is that LPG shines even more with high quality DSD releases - I purchased some of my favorite albums in DSD (which I alredy had in hires PCM) and LPG takes some of that music to yet another level when listening to DSD versions. For example, listening to Norah Jones' first 2 albums in DSD is a religious experience with LPG and 1plus2 - demo quality and hands down best I have ever heard. Also my favorite Diana Krall album When I Look In Your Eyes is absolutely magical. Same with Miles Davis' Kind of Blue.
    Another interesting discovery is that with LPG I suddenly like the Tralucent stock silver/gold cables when used with 1plus2 - I did not like those at all when used with Tera but really like them with LPG (more so than whiplash cable which has been my default with Ref 1 and Tera). No idea how to explain this but there it is.
    Also, as far as LPG itself goes I'm very impressed with build quality, size, battery, and especially UI is really great - I'm old style so simple but fast folder based access is perfect for me, especially since I already had my folders all organized in genre->artists->albums fashion - this way my new 512GB PNY SD card works perfectly in this mode (very quick to get to any album). Some advantages Tera has over LPG are obviously size, better UI when used in pocket (can navigate the entire SD card without taking out of pocket while with LPG I can only change volume and do basic skipping forward/back and stop/start - and this only with latest Chinese firmware).
    Also, LPG can exhibit some hiss - it's certainly not as black background as Tera and I suspect not as ideal for marathon listening sessions (I listened to Tera many times for 8 hours straight on international flights and it's so efortless that you can forget you have IEM's in your ears).
    Anyhow, the result/follow up to all of this is that I'm now considering either getting the new plus5 with uber, or even just uber cable alone to add to the original 1plus2 (I'm almost convinced that this would make it as good as possible - no longer feel like some of the reported 'fixes' to tame sibilance that were made in 2.2 are really even necessary now that I have heard 1plus2 with LPG). Howeve I'm still intrigued about plus5 and will probably have to get that at some point.
    Enough rambling for now - thanks for listening and sorry if this is not feedback up to standards set by some really great people on these threads (but some people did ask me to post after I received LPG so here you go).
  4. spkrs01
    Thanks very much for the post.
    I am glad a few of us pushed you onto the LPG [​IMG]
    For me definitely, the LPG is my 2nd favorite Dap currently behind the Cu stack, with the Tera third. You will need to give the LPG more time to settle and it will get much better sonically.
    However, I feel you are beginning to appreciate that the better the source, the better my IEMs perform and how they reveal the characteristics of the Dap. There are sonic differences between the 3 IEMs in portrayal of music but they have one commonality of being revealing of source and recording. For me the plus5/uber too is my favorite personally ...............
    Albeit, I am so glad you are enjoying the music!!! 
    tgdinamo likes this.
  5. warrior1975
    LPG is magical. I really loved it when I had it. I'm still considering getting one.
  6. Kiats
    Glad you are enjoying the LPG, tgdinamo! Give it more than 100 hours and the bass will tighten up and the soundstage will be deeper and more layered.

    And it's great for commutes because of the 10 hour battery life, regardless of music format you are playing.

    Enjoy! :hugging:
    tgdinamo and warrior1975 like this.
  7. tgdinamo
    What is interesting is that once I first charged LPG (as soon as I received it) the battery life reported between 10:30-11 hours remaining time. But after I did a complete discharge (as recommended by battery info message) now the fully charged remaining time shows as 12:30 hrs! Almost approaching Tera battery which is usually untouchable as far as high end players go (as far as I have read on this forum). Although I have also upgraded the firmware since then - not sure if that has something to do with it.
  8. warrior1975
    Excellent point about commutes. LPG is amazing. Built like a tank. I'm leaving for NY on Friday, maybe I should purchase on for the plane ride? Fiio X7 might no cut it for the plane. :)
  9. Gosod
    in 2013 I managed to listen to these headphones (I don't remember which model) but I was pleasantly surprised by the sound of these headphones!
  10. tgdinamo
    Thanks to both you and Gavin (as well as few others) for warmly recommending LPG! It does make it easier to make expensive purchases when it's possible to get high quality advice, and especially when a lot of these devices (as well as phones) are not possible to audition before purchase.
  11. Kiats

    Any time, tgdinamo! :)
  12. Gosod
    I think for the price they are they probably good build quality, and they rarely break!
  13. H20Fidelity Contributor
    Working on some marketing photo ideas for Gavin's website.
    I haven't shown him yet, though I reckon he'll be all for it. 
    warrior1975 likes this.
  14. musicday
    If you need extra help or ideas just PM.
    Looking forward to see the website properly done,so people can see and get an idea what they are about to purchase:thumbsup:.
  15. H20Fidelity Contributor
    On Thursday I'm going to demo some players, AK380 will be there.

    I'm thinking of taking my 2.2 to try with it.

    (I've never heard AK380, yet..)
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