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TOUR CLOSED - LIME EARS US CIEM Demo Lineup Tour - LE2, LE3SW, and Aether >>> Starting February 2017

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  1. H2Ologd
    I want to start thanking Barra for hosting the tour, and Emil from Lime Ears for offering the tour to all of us.  
    Since sound is subjective, my opinions are just that.... My own.  I initially listened to all with red tips, then re-listened to the LE2 and Aether with Comply TX500 foam tips.  Possibly a 400 series is better, the 500 slid on pretty easily.  I also switched between my fiio X5 and my Brick with Polaris amp.  My test playlist contains about 12 songs.  It varies from Lindsey Stirlling to Swedish House Mafia, and from Johnny Cash to AC/DC.  With some LINN classical recordings mixed in.  I have listened to these many, many times with different equipment.  
    In regards to these ceims, I felt that they are fun and musically energetic.  Initial opinion was that I felt a warm musical balance in the LE2, and LE3SW.  The Comply added a lower full bass to the LE2.  The sound is noticeably improved as you move up the selection.  The 3 is like an improvement of the 2.  I felt with the switch on, they were similar.  Yet there is the ability to lessen the bass.  This option is quite nice on classical music, it really allows the notes to be separated.  Listening to the 2 with "One" by Swedish House Mafia, the bass really hit full, yet wasn't overpowering.  The Aether was an improvement above the others.  The soundstage felt larger, and the notes clearer.  With the Aether, the bass felt more separated, yet sharper.  The soundstage is bigger than the other two and I felt more connected to the music with the Aether.   One thing I noticed was the 2 and 3 seemed to be improved with an amp, I did not notice as much of an improvement on the Aether by using the amp.  They were all comfortable to listen to for hours.  My longest session was about 4 yours.  I enjoyed jazz and classical more with the Aether than with the other two.  Yet I enjoyed my music with all three.  Hope this might give you guys an idea what you're in for.   
  2. Overkill Red
    The second set of the IEMs has reached me!
    Looking forward to this..
  3. H2Ologd
    The set is on its way south to ExpiredLabel.  I had to skip a couple guys to keep the tour going efficiently.  
  4. Barra
    Late comers now go to the end of the list now first come first serve. So when the kits meet in the middle, one will go his direction. Conveniently, he is located next to me anyways. [​IMG]
  5. ExpiredLabel
    Package received. I will reach out to @nmatheis by days end. Lookong forward to the trial run.
  6. nmatheis Contributor
  7. Overkill Red
    Will be sending the second set out to @gearofwar tomorrow.
    Had a fantastic time demo-ing them, will write a review of the Aether when school work stops hammering me.
  8. gearofwar
    Received the tour set in perfect condition from @Overkill Red
    Going to write a review for this soon. 
  9. ExpiredLabel
    My set has been handed of to nmatheis. Thanks again forr the opportunity. I found the aethers and there siblings fun and exciting, very capable. Sadly not my cup of tea as when comparing lime ears to what i own (nuforce primo 8 and MEEp1) i felt at least when compared to my current setup it wasnt a good pairing/match. The aethers came off being borderline too exciting and with the bass as technically capable as it is, made for a unnatural reproduction of sound. Perhaps as well my bias towards DD and me already being so used to the P1 didnt help either.
  10. nmatheis Contributor
    Yup, Lime Ears kit hand-delivered by ExpiredLabel today. Will put them through their places this week!
  11. gearofwar
    Shipping out to @cellarbro today. 
    Will post a review soon
  12. highwind2008
    I live in Atlanta, GA and would like to participate in the tour. I agree to follow the terms of the tour.
  13. cellarbro
    Just got the package today. Condition is great. Like new and packaged very neatly. Listening to it for about 10 minutes so far and loving it.
  14. Barra
    Adding you to the end.
  15. gearofwar
    My review of Aether, this is  actually my first review on Head-fi.
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