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TOUR CLOSED - LIME EARS US CIEM Demo Lineup Tour - LE2, LE3SW, and Aether >>> Starting February 2017

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  1. wormsdriver
    @Barra if it's not too late, I would like to be included in the tour!

    I live in McAllen, TX and would like to participate in the tour. I agree to follow the terms of the tour.
  2. Barra
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  3. hattrick15
    Tour shipped out to SilverEars with tracking info. Will arrive on Wednesday, Aug. 30.
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  4. muffins
    So, I wanted to post some (very) belated impressions of the Aether. I overall found them a very interesting IEM. They have good slam in the bass, a well transitioned mid section, very pleasing highs and a correctness in their tonality that was perhaps more accurate than maybe I'm used to hearing. Resolution was incredible, and seem to my ears (and my limited experience) to be the most detail filled IEM that I've heard! They have a spacious soundstage that was both wide, deep, and tall; though perhaps a little more of the latter. Imaging was also good and instrument separation combined with the previous factors to create a very realistic sound. Listening the the live performance of Tears For Fears' Head Over Heels/Broken was a real treat and perhaps for the first time the crowd sounded integrated into the performance and not sitting over top of it like a TV add-in track. As has been mentioned in the thread and reviews bass in very nice on these. It has a good amount of slam and tightness, while being just a bit beyond 'neutral' in terms of quantity - though this never bothered me in the slightest. However they do seem to lack a certain something, perhaps it's texture, that the H8.2 had better of, so bass was just above average to me. The mids were, well, present. I didn't spend much time with vocal heavy music during my week with the Aethers and I don't feel in a position to judge the quality of this range. Now the highs were probably the most interesting thing to me in the signature. They are well extended, just below airy, and have a certain level of emphasis that I think a lot of people will enjoy. Details are there for the taking, and it serves up a very pleasing, accurate, and enjoyable listen and melds well with the rest of the ranges. And maybe it is this emphasis and integration that bothered me the most. Because at all times during my sessions with the Aether I found them... forward. But not that any one frequency was too powerful in the mix, or that they were harsh and shrill. Just that it felt like i was being hit with a wall of sound that was very in my face and it wasn't engaging to listen. I found myself constantly turning down the volume to just a whisper because it was becoming an irritation. It never went away, and I'm still not sure what caused my discomfort. I did also have trouble with the fit of the universal - the length of the nozzles and width of the tips caused me slight pain and I wasn't able to get rid of it even by rotating the IEM's in my ears. So take my complaints with a grain of salt (actually if anyone had a similar experience I'd love to hear! I'm unsure of what I was hearing and a little incapable of accurately describing it).

    So then, a well designed TOTL headphone with oodles of details, a wide spacious tuning and accurate sound? I like it! Complaints aside I did really enjoy my time with the Aethers, and I think that for many they are an excellent choice in CIEM and I hope many more hear them and get to enjoy them! Thanks for the tour and opportunity to expand my experience as an enthusiast :)
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  5. SilverEars
    I think one of the best way of testing textures is trumpet or sax. So basically Coltrane or Davis.
  6. SilverEars
    I've received the Demo kit today. I've PM'd wormsdriver about my situation and when I will be shipping it out to him.
  7. wormsdriver
    Pm sent
  8. wormsdriver
    received the tour kit earlier today. Everything seems to be in order...
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  9. kubedzero
    I'd love to jump in on this. I'm in San Francisco, CA and agree to all the terms set.

  10. tkteo
    Hopefully you all state-side get to try Model X too. DSC_0094.JPG
  11. ngoshawk
    In looking over the list, I noticed that you are BELOW me...Was there a change in order? I never heard from anyone above me regarding shipping the units my way, so I am curious what might have happened to the order. Mind you, I'm not unhappy you have the unit (and wish you well with them!), but I'd like to know how this may have happened.

  12. ngoshawk
    Oh dear GAWD...never mind. I've already had the units...sheesh. Apologies for my mind-gone-missing-moment. Wow. That kind of a day, apologies to all...
  13. kubedzero
    What player is that?
  14. kubedzero
    @Barra bump in case you didn't see.
  15. Lime Ears
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