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TOUR CLOSED - LIME EARS US CIEM Demo Lineup Tour - LE2, LE3SW, and Aether >>> Starting February 2017

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  1. warrior1975
    I am in Delray Beach, FL and I agree to follow the terms of the tour. Thank you Barra, as always my friend!!
  2. Overkill Red
    I live in New York City, NY. I would like to participate in the tour. I agree to follow the terms of the tour.
  3. Barra
    All added and welcome.
  4. Barra
    You guys are lucking out and falling to the end of the list. Sound strange, but we are getting a second kit within a month and will be starting at the end of the list with the second kit to work backwards moving toward the middle. 

    Tour Logistics

    Will be closing up signups by the end of this week to lock in tour positions. The list has been reordered for logistics but until Sunday will be adding final signups. Starting Monday, any late comers will be added to the end of the list first come first serve as a separate group to get the kits after the original tour participants have gotten a turn.
    Anyone wanting to know the approximate timing of their audition can do the math - 1 week per participant plus aprox. 3 days mail. This will vary wildly in practice, but seems to work out on average. We can work with vacation schedules and other obstacles by working between ourselves and exchanging positions or moving down the list.
  5. ExpiredLabel
    That's great to hear as I'm on the edge of grabbing a new Calyx myself. If I did I would probably opt for the X bat as well to solve playback time though lugging a brick around doesn't appeal to me either
  6. Overkill Red
    Lovely! Can't wait to review 'em.
  7. nmatheis Contributor
    Barra - My only constraint is that I'll be out of country visiting my daughter in Dublin, Ireland March 11-19.
  8. Barra
    If that comes up as an issue, we can switch the order a bit to accommodate. 
  9. nmatheis Contributor

    Thanks :thumbsup_tone2:
  10. Overkill Red
    So when's the tour starting?
    I am going to be out of town from Mar 11-19 as well, funnily enough!
    Shouldn't be an issue if I'm right near the start though (I hope)
  11. gearofwar
    I live in Flushing, NY and would like to participate in the tour. I agree to follow the terms of the tour.
  12. Barra
  13. Barra

    Tour Officially Kicked Off

    The tour is officially kicked off this evening with a local hand off to the first participant. I am now closing the list for logistics. Any late comers will be added to the end first come first serve. Participants are allowed to swap places as needed to adjust for vacations or work schedules or drop to the end of the list as needed. Waiting on the second kit which will be coming to us in March after an event in Singapore. HAVE FUN!!!
  14. ExpiredLabel
  15. PareZIVale
    My location is going to change to Katy/Houston, TX area from May 14th to August 20th, I don't think that will affect much of anything from the tour but if it is an issue please let me know
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