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TOUR CLOSED - LIME EARS US CIEM Demo Lineup Tour - LE2, LE3SW, and Aether >>> Starting February 2017

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  1. ericr

  2. barrasr
    Have received  the tour in good condition I will be ready to release Thursday.
  3. H2Ologd
    Wonderful news.  I have a new tube DAC on its way to me and am excited to have multiple options in my evaluations now.  Thank you Barra for hosting another tour.  
  4. DWbirdseye
    Yes, thank you to Barra.
  5. Barra
    No problem, I enjoy having the ability to hear them myself and know that these are awesome. Was sorry to let them go as they are some of the most musical CIEMs I have heard.
  6. alpha421
    First, another BIG props to Barra for starting and coordinating this tour.  Second, BIG props to Emil from Lime Ears.
    It's a rare privilege indeed to audition finely crafted conduits to deliver hi-fidelity to our ears.  In this tour, only three models represented the Lime Ears product line, but at the end of my audition, I came away with Lime Ears house sound.  It is very well represented and consistent from the two driver LE2 to the three-driver LE3 SW and its flagship five-driver Aether. 
    Note: Subsequent content are all enclosed in the IMO bubble.
    All three are musical and engaging.  And while you experience the LE2 warm sound, the dynamics, impact, and extensions are offered in greater magnitude as you experience going up the Lime Ears sonic ladder.  What's consistent is the warm, slightly forward and engaging mids.  I found the LE3 SW with the bass boost off the most balanced out of the three.  However, it was a pleasant surprise to flip up the bass boost when listening to "Nothing But A G' Thing" and other bass heavy tracks that are scarce in my music collection.  The boost is well implemented and never bleeds in the mids.  But, in all truth, bass-heads need not apply here.  When it comes to sub-bass impact, dynamic transducers are king.  Same applies to the Aether flagship.  When comparing the LE3 SW to the Aether, the former takes everything and increases them in spades, especially with detail retrieval and sound stage depth.
    With the Aether, I couldn't help notice from my fallible-prone audible memory some similarities with the Westone ES5 that I use to have.  Both warm, slightly thick, dynamic, and enough impact with the Aether's bass switch on - translates to lost in music.  I found nothing overly done or overlapping  that could take away any musicality or toe-tapping enchantments.  The Aether's extension high to ring some sparkle, but never allows sibilence to come into play.
    In short, all three models equally represents the Lime Ears "house" sound.  The LE2 is a great ciem for vocal and mid lovers.  The LE3 SW hit my sweet spot with its tonal balance and with the added benefit of spicing up things with the well implemented bass boost switch.  For top tier dynamics , the Aether rightfully takes the flagship cake.
    Well that's it - keep the change.
    shotgunshane likes this.
  7. Torq
    I received the tour package in good condition from @ericr ... as shown below:

    Listening will commence this evening.  
    @H2Ologd is up next, currently.  PM incoming there to arrange hand-off next week.
  8. DWbirdseye
    Do we have a published list of " who's next?"
  9. Barra
  10. DWbirdseye

    Ok I thought it had changed. Thanks
  11. Torq
    I've handed off the three sets of IEMs to @H2Ologd (in person exchange).
    Very enjoyable listen ... impressions to follow.
  12. H2Ologd

    I received the handoff from Torq. Everything was in good condition and I am excited to listen to them.
    Torq likes this.
  13. shenshengkafei
    I know it already started. But as I just saw this thread, will give it a shot.
    I live in Bothell, WA, work in Redmod WA, and would like to participate this tour. I agreed to follow the terms of this tour.
    @Barra, I can send you all the info you need. Thanks! 
  14. shenshengkafei
    Hi @Barra, I have PM you all the info. Thank you!
    I live in Bothell, WA, work in Redmod WA, and would like to participate this tour. I agreed to follow the terms of this tour.
  15. gearofwar
    It's already closed, isn't it? I was one of the few people came in last before its closed. You can check 1,2 pages back.
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