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Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by khaos974, May 12, 2011.
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  1. Articnoise

    The D1-dual outputs 6.2Vrms on XLR if you have the volume on max according to their homepage.  Its quiet high and not all Amps can handle that much. My DAC also have a pre implemented and can therefore output more than “normal” voltage with the volume on max. In the manual of my DAC they state which level on the volume that is 5 Vrms. Most Amps with balanced in can do 5 Vrms, I think.


    If you contact the folks at Tolaldac they can tell you exactly there on the volume pot 5 Vrms is or just turn it down a bit and see then the noise disappear.

  2. romaz
    My TotalDac d1-monoblocs with Server just arrived and are settling in.  DHC cables arriving any day.  More to follow...
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  3. nepherte
    This is great stuff! If I could make a personal request, is it possible for you to also test the server/reclocker with 1 instead of 2 D1-Dual, instead of the monoblocks? As you know, I already have the D1-dual and am very much interested in the server/reclocker, but not necessarily in a monoblock setup. (This is me being pretty confident I could get Roon running on the server, even though Vincent didn't seem interested in providing Roon at the moment.)
  4. nepherte
    And don't forget to get some good mugshots of the DHCs. I'm interested in those too!
  5. romaz
    Sure, give me some time to let it settle in.  I'm breaking in some cables as well.  You mentioned that about Roon before.  If you can figure out how to run Roon on the Server, that could be a game changer.
  6. romaz
    Will do.  Here is a photo of the Silver Spore4 for the HE-1000 but mine will be in black.  Adapters can be purchased to allow connection to other headphones so you won't have to buy cables for each of your headphones.
  7. bmichels
    Look Nice. i am happy for you.

    Enjoy it... and report your finding...
  8. preproman
    The Black looks really good Roy..
  9. a1uc
    Congrats , I have the D1 Dual and D1 server and thinking of upgrading to monos or the 12
  10. TheAttorney
    What is it about the DI Dual that you are unhappy about?
    Or is this just normal upradeitis, which is perfectly understandable :xf_eek:
  11. a1uc
  12. yellowblue
    For those who have the upradeitis but don´t have the money think of all the small things instead which can have great effect: Uptone Regen, LPS to NAS etc...
  13. romaz
    The monoblocs are my first TotalDac product (except for the TotalDac usb cable I bought a few months ago).  @preproman was kind enough to allow me to audition his d1-dual (thanks, Darryl!) and that was enough for me to move on from my Bricasti M1.  The Bricasti M1 is a dual mono design and I have bought into its purported benefits.  Naturally, this made the TotalDac monoblocs more appealing for me and rather than upgrade gradually, which would cost more in the long run, I decided to satisfy my curiosity now, especially as Vincent had provided me sufficient incentive to do so.  
    The monobloc is not a trivial purchase for me and I have a few weeks to decide on whether it provides sufficient improvement to justify its price over the dual.  His products go through continual upgrades without any new model designations and so my purchase includes the DSD option for all 3 boxes, the large copper plate upgrade for the reclocker/server, new quad-core cuboid processor with revised software (no charge) and improved AES/EBU ports (no charge).  I had him upgrade my unit to the Synergistic Research SR20 fuses for 90 Euros (the Synergistic Research Reds are my favorite but he didn't have them).  
    When I asked Vincent if there was anyone else insane enough to buy the monoblocs for primarily headphone use, he was honest in saying "no" but he also said he wasn't always sure what people did with his DACs after they bought one, especially in China.  When I asked him what I should expect with the monoblocs over the d1-dual, his response was "more relaxed, more fluid, more 3D." Those that already own a d1-dual can imagine what this means. Those that know Vincent also know that he speaks very conservatively of his products choosing instead to let them speak for themselves but I would say these descriptions are very apt, to say the least.  Even before full break in, connected directly to DAC (no amp), this is without question the most "real" sound I have ever heard on headphones.  At this point, I am not sure what benefit any amp will provide (the Eddie Current Studio might be the exception) and so the headphone and the source become the limiting factors.  What contribution is the monoblocs vs the reclocker vs the server is unclear at this time and without question, there is a synergy going on.  I am expecting a Nagra HD to arrive for comparison.  I also have an Aurender N10 and CAD CAT server coming in for comparison  and so all these questions will be answered for me soon.  Finally, while my HE-1000 has scaled superbly with this setup, I am expecting an HD800 with mods, LCD-4 and Dharma to arrive soon.  We'll see what stays.  
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  14. romaz
    Just a word of caution on the d1-twelve -- It's not much more money than the monoblocs and so I was tempted by this option but Vincent has stated the noise floor and impedance of this DAC is so low that an output stage was not necessary in its design.  Without an output stage, this DAC cannot drive headphones directly and so you will need a separate amp with the twelve.  Maybe that's not an issue for you because you like your headphone amp but the experience of hearing the monoblocs directly (without an amp) is truly something to behold, even compared to the dual. 
    For those considering the possibility of the monoblocs for headphones, should you go DAC-direct via XLR, you may find you will not need a separate headphone amp ever (unless you prefer electrostatics) which could help justify its price, at least that was my reasoning.  If you were previously considering an Egoista 845 or Woo 234 Mono, then the TotalDac by itself is not only the better value but also the superior option (IMHO).  You also won't need to worry about buying expensive interconnects and extra power cables, etc.  If you decide to invest in a good headphone cable like the DHC with adapters, you will be able to connect to just about any non-electrostatic headphone.  Here is a photo of the adapter:
  15. bmichels
    Romaz I see you get quite excited with the TotalDAC mono driving direct your headphone :) this is very good News and open new possibility for all of us ( except for HedAmps manufacturer :wink:. This corroborantes my initial finding with the D-1 dual.

    How will you describe the improvement from the D-1 dual to the mono ( regarding driving headphone direct ) in term of Sound signature and also in available power ? Is it worth the extra cost ?

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