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Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by khaos974, May 12, 2011.
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  1. bmichels

    I consider the BHSE+ STAX SR009 the best Headphone experience I ever heard, except, may be, for the bass that was not always at the Level of the best Ortho Headphones.

    So I was wondering if TotalDAC's "bass boost" option may be the cure to the SR009 bass weakness ( for those who think the STAX lack bass) ?
  2. a1uc
    . I have a SSD NAS (2) Paul Hynes SR 5 linear psu etc
  3. a1uc
    I just picked up a pair of Audeze LCD-X they have awesome bass compared to my HD800
  4. nepherte
    The TotalDAC D1-Server is just another ARM based computer running linux. If Roonlabs fabricates a properly packaged, non-distro specific release, installation should be breeze. I asked Vincent and you basically have 100% control over the server via SSH access.
  5. nepherte
    Thanks. I am hoping for actual pictures of your black HE-1000 cable (I've seen the pictures on the website) and obviously some impressions as well. I'll be getting a cable for the HD800 with the 'no cables' short adapter for the Audeze LCD series. I'm still wondering whether to go with copper or silver wires. Not sure what's best for my HD800 (main headphone).
  6. TheAttorney
    What with this and the Nagra HD thread, never have I had to get through so much popcorn [​IMG]
    Have you considered the Melco N1Z as alternative to the Aurender or CAD servers? I'm curious about the Melco because it looks neat and compact, and fully SSD - no moving parts.
  7. romaz
    I agree with this.  Its also something we should all try to do to make sure we've optimized the weak links in our chain (ie USB connection, noisy switching power supplies, etc).  It makes no sense to get a nice amplifier, DAC or source only to have it limited by something like a dirty USB signal or contaminated power. Since more of us are streaming music these days, I also believe we need to focus more attention to our network gear.
    A simple upgrade that has made a noticeable difference for me was to move my cable modem to my audio rack.  Basically, I ran quad-shielded Belden RG6 cable from my previous equipment closet on one end of my house over to my listening room.  Now my Netgear cable modem which has an integrated router and switch sits on my audio rack near the TotalDac.  Powering this cable modem/router/switch is my HD Plex linear PSU.  Presently, the TotalDac Server connects directly to this switch via a 1 meter audiophile-grade SOtM Cat 6 cable and so instead of 20 meters of poor quality CAT 6 cable between my music server and cable modem, now only 1 meter of high grade cable separates it.  I can confirm that with streaming Tidal, the difference is easily noticeable amounting to increased dynamics and clarity.  My NAS which contains 2 TB of SSDs (completely silent) and also powered by my HD Plex linear PSU also sits on my rack and connects to the switch via another 1 meter SOtM CAT 6 cable.  So basically, my NAS and TotalDAC Server are separated by only 2 meters of high grade CAT6 cable.  Once again, I have confirmed that this has made a subtle but easily noticeable difference.
    With regards to attempting further noise reduction, with my previous setup which included an Auralic Aries with linear PSU and Linux-based SSD CAPS server with linear PSU connected to my Bricasti M1 DAC, I had installed AQ Jitterbugs in combination with a USB Regen and this combination made a noticeable difference also, similar in impact to what I described above with my network equipment.  I also tried installing AQ Jitterbugs in the spare USB port on my NAS and cable modem/router/switch but to be honest, Jitterbugs in these locations didn't result in any noticeable improvement.  I have not yet tried the USB Regen or AQ Jitterbugs on the TotalDac because I want to assess the TotalDac by itself for now.
    Combined, do these improvements amount to the same difference as a new component like a DAC, source, amp or headphone?  Unfortunately, no, but these enhancements are still very worthwhile and not very expensive.
  8. romaz
    Yes, bmichels, there is clearly an excitement level that comes with any new component so I have to be careful about what I say right now.  I will withhold from making any more statements about sound quality until the unit is broken in and after my initial "first impression" emotions have settled down.
  9. Yoga
    You're really - really - making me want the TotalDAC mono. Although not quantifiable, my gut has been pointing me towards TotalDAC for a long time. Perhaps it's time to pull the trigger on the monos. As you say, an end game setup that needs no disparate amplifier.
  10. romaz
    I know what you mean having owned a BHSE and SR-009 myself until recently.  This is an excellent combination, among the best there is especially for classical and folk music.  My opinion quickly changes, however, for amplified rock and high energy music although you have heard it for yourself and if you found the bass acceptable, then you should go for it.  For me, because the bass was lacking, it didn't feel tonally balanced but this is not a fault of just the Stax, this is simply the characteristic of electrostats.  Look at any Martin Logan electrostatic speaker, for example, and you will notice they all combine a dynamic paper cone woofer with their electrostatic panel to generate bass.  The same thing goes for the new EnigmaAcoustics Dharma -- it's the only way.
    If I had kept my BHSE/SR009 and bought a TotalDac, I would most definitely get the Bass Boost option although would this be enough, I'm not sure?
  11. romaz
    I am told Paul Hynes makes some of the best linear PSUs around.  The new CAD CAT server I have coming in has one.
  12. romaz
    With all this talk about DACs and sources, the transducer is still the most important part of the chain.  
  13. romaz
    I believe they have released it already.  Antipodes is a Linux-based machine and they have announced their Roon option will be available in December.  If you know someone smart enough to port Roon to the TotalDac Server, you will have a line of people lining up for it, I'm sure.
  14. romaz
    Pictures should be available soon.  I've always assumed I would go copper with the HD800 but reputable sources have indicated the Silver Spore4 doesn't sound bright.  I have an HD800 coming in with the Anax mod and I will pair it with the Silver Spore and let you know although it may take time for the adapter to come in.
  15. romaz
    I had never heard of the Melco until now.  It looks like a solid server that plays in the same league as the Aurender N10 and CAT but I wonder why Melco is using switching power supplies and not linear?  The CAT is fully SSD also and has no moving parts.
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