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Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by khaos974, May 12, 2011.
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  1. preproman

    How did it do against the GS-X mk2?
  2. nepherte
    During the week I listened to the GS-X mk2, I noticed a substantial improvement (at least to me) compared to the Liquid Gold and a slight improvement over the Totaldac. If you're not worried about additional connectivity or amplification, the Totaldac does the job more than adequately. Long story short, I prefer to have the GS-X in the chain.
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  3. a1uc
    I was wondering if anyone is using the Totaldac D1 Dual as a Preamp ? I sold my Preamp awhile back and decided to use the D1 as a pre .
    I am noticing on certain recordings I need to pretty much max out the volume on the D1 , most of the time its enough but sometimes it comes up short . My mono blocks are SE so I use the XLR adapters from Totaldac also , I spoke to Vincent and was told he could make some new XLR adapters with a 6db gain , any ideas ?  
  4. Hiyono

    I noticed that the Totaldac has XLR and RCA outs.  What is the reason for the special XLR to RCA adapters?
  5. a1uc
    To take advantage of the dual DAC option, using 2 DACs per channel for a 100% balanced DAC. Upgrades the XLR output only. A special XLR to RCA is available as an optional extra to get the dual DAC sound to an amplifier with RCA inputs.
    Also my mono blocks are single ended .
  6. a1uc

    I will be getting the HD800 Friday according to tracking , I also already got the female to female gender adapters . I just need to decide on what cable to get with dual 3 pin XLR , I was thinking Wywires since I used them before and was more than happy
  7. nepherte

    Never heard Wywires so can't comment on that one. I got my cables from Forza Audio. Build quality is great, they're "affordable" and I don't need to pay import taxes. The last part doesn't really apply if you live in Wisconsin :)
  8. a1uc
    Just got the 800's they sound real good with SE out of the totaldac d1 dual , I also just orderd the cardas clear dual 3 pin XLR HP cable so I will compare next week
  9. yellowblue
    Same headphones, same cables, same DAC here - excellent synergy. The Cardas Clear sound very transparent and detailed. Give them a 100h to burn in.
    With an optical network the sound becomes leaner and clearer at the same time. Even better synergy with HD800 and d1 dual. You can read more about it here:
  10. a1uc

    I have a Nas with a 1tb SSD connected to a dedicated router , both the nas and router are powerd by a pair of paul hynes SR-5 linear psu.
    Im running cat 6a frome router into the D1 server  
    are you saying this can improve ?
  11. yellowblue
    I have yet a HDPlex LPS to come to power my router and NAS. But the difference was well audible in my system with both installing a Regen and a optical network. The reclocker in the D1 server is fine but there a many other ways to reduce the noise floor.
  12. a1uc

    I am getting a Regen around the 20th , I have a sotm battery power supply I will use to power it . What else would I need to try an optical setup
  13. nepherte

    Told ya :)
  14. a1uc
    Okay just hooked up my Cardas clear dual XLR direct to the back of the totaldac. VERY NICE .

    I have a woo wa22 coming sat so we will see if it improves more or not
  15. a1uc
    I just noticed if the volume on my DAC is at max and I use the volume knob on the Woo Audio WA22 I get big time crackle static out of the HP
    But not is I only use the totaldac as a HP amp
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