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Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by khaos974, May 12, 2011.
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  1. Cortazar
    see here:
  2. a1uc
    I also have a D1 Dual and Server I use the Totaldac USB Did the Regen improve anything ?
  3. a1uc

    I use the totaldac XLR to RCA since my mono blocks are single ended
  4. yellowblue
    Yes, I think the Regen improved the sound, especially the bass. Things sound a little more organic now.Not night and day with the Regen but I liked the difference because my HD800 sound much more like a LCD-X now (plus fantastic soundstage, air and detail). 
    I had to buy a NAS because the new firmware for the server with the new Cubox quad-core could not read my SSD. So the Regen is now between the server and the DAC (first Totaldac USB-cable and after that the Regen). 
    But most important of all was the new Cubox which Vincent shipped to me and which I installed. I had never thought that it should sound so much better. I am just waiting for the Ipeng-firmware (with Tidal). Then I am a happy man.
    P.S. I have still a SBooster and a LPS for the Regen yet to come.
  5. a1uc
    I put a new quad core in mine also , I used a QNAP with SSD right off the bat , I power my NAS and Router with 2 Paul Hynes SR5
  6. bmichels

    I really wish Vincent had developped his own iPad software so that we could have a user interface as robust and user-friendly as ARIES or Autender users..

    What will this new firmware bring ? Improved usability or only better SQ?
  7. yellowblue
    He needed a new firmware for the new Cubox. The old one didn´t work with the quad-core of the new Cubox. Just now it just works with the really basic app MPad. But I hope it will work with Ipeng soon. This is a really good app.
    I am convinced that it will be worth the wait. The D1 Server with the new Cubox is fantastic sounding! I wished though that Totaldac was a bigger company and could write their own app. Vincent, I hope you can read this!
  8. a1uc
    Has anyone compared the HP section on the D1 Dual to other headphone amps ? Just wondering if I need drop money on a HP amp
  9. yellowblue
    The HP section of the D1 Dual is really good. With my LCD3-F I had hard to find a difference to my Master 9, maybe the Master 9 had little wider soundstage and was a tad more transparent, and the SE out of the Dual sounded a little cleaner - but I was not sure.
    The D1 can even handle my HD800 well, but with the Sennheisers I prefer the Master 9 which helps the HD800 to come to life. The gap should be closer if you use the balanced outputs of the D1 with adapters. It is really worth to give the D1 a try before you buy a headphone amp.
    Bmichels found that the SE out of the Dual with the HD800 sounded better than a Cavalli Liquid Gold! Maybe the Master 9 is better than the Liquid Gold  [​IMG] 
  10. a1uc

    With using adapters to use the balanced section did you notice a big difference over SE its just a pain since I use the bal section to my mono blocks
  11. a1uc
    I was looking at a WA-22
  12. yellowblue
    I never used the balanced out for the same reason. But there is a another well known head-fier from Germany which use it with an Abyss.
  13. a1uc
    Well I just orderd a pair of 800's so we will see , what source do you use with the master 9
  14. nepherte

    Jup. @bmichels and I compared the Totaldac SE output with the Lau XLR output. I found the Totaldac to provide better results
  15. bmichels

    I confirm this.
    And, End of this year, at a friend's place, I should be able to listen to a TotalDAC D-1 monoblock headphone out ( with a special cable adaptor). Vincent confirmed that that with 1 D1-DAC per channel, it will be even more impressive and powerfull :)
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