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Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by khaos974, May 12, 2011.
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  1. nepherte

    Thanks for the valuable info. My setup would look a bit different from yours: NAS for storage and a console app 'ncmpcpp' to control mpd. When i'm not using the computer, I would have to rely on something like mpad.
  2. preproman
    I'm curious about the reclocker..
    Would the reclocker either replace an exsiting USB converter or will the reclocker be added in the chain between the USB converter and the DAC?  Or can you have it either way?
  3. arnaud Contributor
    I believe the reclocker would be between the computer and the dac, bypassing the dac's input usb board (you'd use spdif or aes/ebu to go from reclocker to D1 instead).

    Apparently, even though there's already buffering in the D1 dsp, adding a reclocker with it's additional buffering helps. For me, I find the sticker a bit high so happy with the wyrd / usb cable for now...

  4. goobicii
    Anybody heard other totaldacs than dual?

    we have for same price as dual the tube version

    then 20.000 dual mono and 30.000 flagship Twelve witch have output strong enough they removed output transformer completly,Preproman said Yggy have better stereo image,I wonder if the Twelve or Mono improve in those areas to destroy Yggy completly except costing 10 & 15× more
  5. preproman
    Right,  but my question is about my current USB converter.
    So are you saying get rid of the current USB converter and just use the reclocker between the USB converter and the DAC?
    I ask this because the reclocker can take different digital inputs.  It can take a ASE input and then output via AES as well.  This way it will be used just as a reclocker and not as a converter.
  6. preproman
    What is this stero image that you're talking about?
  7. goobicii

    I am not native english speaker,pardon my bad words,I mean stereo width,soundstage.I think you said Yggy is better in this aspect
  8. preproman
    If you like a flat 2D soundstage yes,  If you like a more 3-Dimensional soundstage, no.  I like more of a 3-D stage, the TotalDac and the AMR DP-777 gives me that.
  9. negura
    I'm very curios about the 2D aspect. Which axis was lacking in your view.
  10. preproman
    The depth seemed flat - Just compared to the TotalDac.  Listening to it by it self you may not be able to tell.  the TotalDac reminds me of the AMR DP-777 in this aspect.
    The TotalDac SS is not as expansive as the AMR but it is more so compared to the Yggdrasil.
  11. negura
    I assume this is noticeable with vocals? Did you notice this comparative aspect with all headphones or with some more pregnant than others and did you get the chance to try these with speakers?
  12. preproman
    I use the Head-fi / HD Tracks recording of "Open Your Ears" and yes the Abyss really portrays this well.
  13. Cortazar
    I would suggest you to hear abyss directly via xlr outputs of totaldac (you would need an adapter xlr male-female) I found it a very good combination.
  14. nepherte
    Have been wondering about that lately too. My amp's volume knob never goes above 9am. It seems the Totaldac delivers sufficient power to drive my HD800. Unfortunately I don't have the appropriate adapter to connect the phones to the XLR output.
  15. preproman
    Do you have a picture of the adapter?
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