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Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by khaos974, May 12, 2011.
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  1. arnaud Contributor
    You should post about the A1 Sorrodje, it's especially useful as you have comparisons against other ladder dacs like the metrum. Maybe just link to the original post.
  2. Sorrodje
    The  A1 is discontinued and somewhat rare so I've my doubt about the usefulness of any impressions but i'll give some when my opinion will be stabilized. 
  3. arnaud Contributor
    Forgot about that important point [​IMG]... Vincent should do something about this, the D1-single is still quite a bit more expensive than the A1 was I recall.
  4. cat6man
    Hi Arnaud,
    I'm glad you are enjoying your D1-dual.  I love mine and have only heard the MSB stack sound as good, though I never had them for a head-head comparison.
    I could easily live with either.
    Can you share any thoughts on the totaldac usb cable/filter?  I'm thinking about giving that a try.
    Are the cherry trees blooming in Ueno park yet?
  5. preproman
    D1-Dual arrived safe and sound.  Vincent said give it 8 hours to stabilize and then off to the races..
    zare likes this.
  6. nepherte
    Nice one. I got mine last thursday. You're in for a treat. You can read my opinion over here if you're interested: http://www.head-fi.org/t/766008/totaldac-d1-dual-impressions-thread. Probably not as you already bought it, but I would still be interested in your opinion :)
  7. arnaud Contributor
    Congrats Darryl!
    I am a little bit scared Schiit but also excited also to hear how the D1-dual fares against the theoretically more resolving Iggy. I haven't done much tests but it seems mine went from icy cold to stable soundwise in 4 hours or so.
    preproman likes this.
  8. Sorrodje
    First comparison between this totaldac and the Yggy. that's promising [​IMG]
  9. listen4joy
    wow! properman i am really wait for a serious battle beetween yggy and totaldac. its would be fantastic to see if yggy can touch or even match  the mighty and very expensive totaldac. i assume the community of headfi will see it as a great contribution. we all wait for your depth review about these guys! take your time (-:
  10. yage
    Sweet. Definitely looking forward to this comparo.
  11. Ali-Pacha
    Me too.

  12. cat6man
    looks great!
    how do you get from the totaldac to the stax009 balanced?
    i have the bhse (you'll love it when you get it) and with the 009 it is a great match to the totaldac, detailed and microdynamics up the gazoo but never harsh sounding.
  13. preproman
    @cat6man  Lol....   I don't..  right now I only have a Wee.  Waiting for the BHSE.  Was thinking about getting the 300B Electra in the mean time, becasue I have no idea how long the BHSE will take.
    Do any of the D1 owners have the reclocker as well?   Is it worh it?
  14. cat6man
    are you listening to your dynamic headphones in balanced mode?
  15. preproman
    Yes, all Planars.
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