Torpedo III Build Thread

Discussion in 'DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Discussions' started by tomb, Sep 20, 2015.
  1. bazelio
    It's a hot rod!!!
  2. funch
    So long as the flames aren't on the inside, you'll be fine. [​IMG]  Cool look btw. So, when can we order one in red? [​IMG]
  3. fjrabon
    pretty excited for Tom to deliver (benefits of working literally a quarter mile away from where Tom works) my maxed out TIII (Mundorf caps, tube CCs, cinemags, new output CCS, stock EH 12AY7s, 12Z7s and 6829s) on Monday.  Will pair with my iDAC6.  Can't wait to hear the combo of the tube analog stage of the iDAC6 paired with the TIII on my HD800.
  4. fjrabon
    Well, my maxed out (Mundorfs, cinemags, tube CCS, output CCS) TIII and Cayin iDAC6 just came in today. Finally got them both warmed up. And MY GOD they are singing. I realize ideally I should be A/Bing the TIII with a DAC I'm already familiar with, but I'm enjoying what I'm hearing way too much to worry about that right now. With Sonarworks -> GoodHertz Mid-Side/CanOpener -> iDAC6 -> TIII -> HD800, this is the most similar to a vinyl rig through great speakers I've heard headphones get. But with better bass extension and authority than a vinyl rig can reproduce. later this week I'll be comparing this setup to a Yggy -> KGSSHV -> SR009, and I will be shocked if the SR009 setup wins out. I know this sounds like crazy new toy syndrome, but I've heard that SR009 setup a lot, and I always been blown away, but I think this setup matches it in most regards and beats it in several.  

    Right now I'm using the 6829s mostly because I didn't want to take the case off at work to put the other tubes in. It's crazy to hear this much transparency AND power. Usually I feel like you have to choose one or the other, but not here.  

    Was just listening to the intro of Pink Floyd Hey You, and thought I had accidentally switched output to my nearfield monitors because the sound was so distinctly out of my head. Bass is so crisp. Not elevated, but just so taught. Just feels like I'm listening to a virtually unlimited system.  

    The iDAC6 + TIII put off a LOT of heat though, lol. Like when I sit down in my chair next to the area they're in, it's noticeably 3 degrees warmer than the rest of my office, haha.

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  5. tomb
  6. jh4db536
    Prepared everything for some surgery. The first impressions (without critical listening), the amp got more open/less congested, clearer, more upfront presentation. Headstage possibly got smaller. Possibly brighter or bass is tighter. I think the amp gets a lot hotter.
    This thing really punches hard now; it's intense.
  7. HiGHFLYiN9
  8. J-Pak
    I've been listening to mine for a couple of weeks. I mentioned up thread I went with 10 uf Obbligato caps and it's a non issue fitting them in there, I really like the sound quality of these caps but I did not use the Solens so I have no basis of comparison. I also do not have the latest CCS.
    IMHO this is as fine a dynamic amp that I've ever heard. These days I am mostly listening to classical and jazz and this amp is without a question more tonally accurate than the Balancing Act. The BA does throw  a large soundstage which is nice, but it does it on nearly every recording.
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  9. comzee
    I'm getting one of these in the next few weeks.
    I'm having trouble finding all the supported tube type for this amp, is there a list somewhere?
    I know it takes 12AY7, but I'm not sure what others.
    Also, does anybody specifically recommend a tube that would pair well with HD800?
  10. FlySweep

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  11. fjrabon

    I like the GE 12AY7 5 star
  12. FallenAngel Contributor
    You sexy beast, why do you tease me so?
    Great work, it looks very cool.
  13. fjrabon

    Yeah, the output CCS are really game changers for this amp.  Before the output CCS I thought it was one of the best values in tube amps.  Afterwards, it's simply one of the best tube amps, period, regardless of price.  
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