Torpedo III Build Thread

Discussion in 'DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Discussions' started by tomb, Sep 20, 2015.
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  1. jh4db536
    I just bought a pair of these. I heard they're really good though.
  2. comzee
    I coincidentally bought a pair today as well.
    I guess there's two version of the GE 5 star
    6072 and 6072A, I guess the "A" signifies low noise, idk....
    I bought just the 6072 5 star, couldn't find it nos either, so bought used old stock  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    Important thing is the design imo, the 3 mica is unique to the 5 star as far as I've seen.
    Interesting read on the 5 star brand
  3. FallenAngel Contributor

    I have no doubt of that. I've really enjoyed mine and have great respect for both Tom and Doug. I'm not sure it's he remembers it but I was one of the guys testing his initial HPDAC. Cool little project from the old days. :)
  4. tomb
    You've tested and prototyped just about everyone's designs at one time or another! [​IMG]
  5. FallenAngel Contributor
    Maybe :)
    I haven't worked with Ti directly yet. I would if he asked me, but it's not like that kind of thing would happen. I might have to spend time on some other sites for that to happen and troll the amb forum. :p
  6. schubert
    I've just started looking into the Torpedo III - any idea when the cinemags will be available again?
  7. badf00d
    @tomb - thanks for the heatsinks!
  8. tomb
    There are a few assembled T3's still available, but the last kit was sold.
  9. tomb
  10. schubert
    Since everything else is available separately, I'm only concerned about the cinemags, not the kit.  ECP used to sell them separately but the site says "out of stock".  From what I can gather these are not a stock item for cinemag - or are they?  If they're custom, I assume they could easily make more - are there enough builders out there interested in a group buy?
  11. tomb
    1. There are no more Group Buys allowed on Head-Fi.

    2. You will need to contact ECP Audio. The windings are a proprietary arrangement between ECP Audio and Cinemag. They are not stock, as far as I know.

    3. I have no more Cinemags.
  12. schubert
    Thanks - no more plans to obtain more then?
  13. tomb
    We've been looking at a different mfr because of physical quality (not sound) issues with the Cinemags. Not sure how that's going to work out yet - or whether we will go back to the Cinemags again. Unfortunately, it will take some time and testing.
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  14. schubert
    OK.  I'll stay tuned - thanks
  15. tomb

    I believe Dsavitsk has one more pair of Cinemags that he may be sending me.  If I can make one last kit out of it, I'll let you know.
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