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Tor Audio Headphone Amps.

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by mickeyduff, Feb 15, 2018.
  1. mickeyduff
    Has anyone had any listening experience with the Tor Audio Headphone amp range? Been trying to find some reviews online but to no avail. They seam to of been around for a year or two, please see their web site and Facebook below. Any listening opinions would be appreciated, Thanks


  2. hiroto kimura
    Hi! Tor Audio review.
  3. hiroto kimura
    Hi! Tor Audio review.
  4. touramalli
    I love Zeos but sometimes I would like to learn something with his videos.
    Saying that a tube amp sounds like a real tube amp and not like a hybrid... And nothing else in more than 30'...
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  5. Rhamnetin
    Not sure why Zeos is still around.
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  6. abvolt
    Agreed zeos really doesn't know how to give a good review, I don't think he even knows what he's talking about most of the time..
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  7. Coolzo
    Anyway, Zeos aside, has ANYONE any experience with Tor Audio headphone amps? I'd also like to know, and I'm sure there's plenty of other curious tube fans.

    I emailed them once asking if they'd be interested in sending a demo unit for a meet, of course to no avail (no response at all). Granted, they're in Ukraine.

    I miiight just pull the trigger on their 'Roger' headamp, in which case I'll report back. I've had luck with Ukrainian audio devices before. Some great designers over there.
  8. eugenius
    They also have a model called DAVID that seems to be the ROGER amp RCA's and a TI PCM5102A / XMOS USB DAC included ... for the same price?
  9. Sybase

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