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Topping DX7 - DAC and balanced headphone amplifier

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by faber65, Mar 16, 2017.
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  1. FourWude
    So glad to find someone else with this issue! Unfortunately, no solution found. Every single thing I’ve tried doesn’t mitigate the issue for long. This issue needs more awareness, especially if it’s affecting multiple Topping products. Topping themselves don’t seem to have any interest in resolving this for customers.
  2. Alcophone
    I tried that yesterday after hooking up the DX7s with my speaker system. My Samsung TV seems to be sending a continuous TOSlink signal at 48 kHz without interruption, at least when watching TV via HDMI from my XFINITY DVR.

    Can you guys add more details about your exact setups?
  3. FourWude
    Primary use for me is gaming:

    TV: LG B7 OLED
    Systems: Xbox One X/PS4 Pro
    Connection: HDMI to TV, TOSlink out to Topping DX7
    Sound format: Stereo PCM

    I notice that it's much harder to trigger this issue when using a direct optical connection from the console to the DX7, but I was still able to experience it in some instances. It's completely random when it occurs through the TV. Sometimes it's several times within a few minutes, sometimes it's spread out and doesn't happen for 5-15 minutes. It really just depends on the audio that happens at that point in time. I think it particularly happens when there is a large fluctuation in dynamic range, but not entirely sure. Using TOSlink out from the TV with the same setup doesn't cause any issues with any other optical device I have, only the DX7.
    Last edited: Jun 18, 2018
  4. Digital Veil
    Here's the response I got from the amazon seller, it's similar to yours: "For your questions, please kindly note we have already contact with TOPPING, their technician said it's because the D50 has added a function of slowly increasing volume to prevent sudden access signals that scare people or damage hearing. There are some television and airport fiber signals that don't match it, so it will sound intermittently."

    TV: LG 4k Smart TV (not sure model)
    Receiver: Pioneer VSX-D1S
    Speaker: DCM TW3

    TV -> DAC via optical -> Receiver via rca -> Speakers

    I also have a cable box (Spectrum) hooked up to the TV. I've tried Netflix/Amazon on the smart tv and regular cable. All have intermittent problems. I was watching Entourage on Amazon the other day home sick and I blasted through like 6 episodes with no issues, than it glitched 5 times in the next 20 minutes. It's completely erratic.

    The DAC works fine through the USB from my desktop to the receiver. It seems to also work fine from the coaxial from my dvd player, although I've only watch 1 movie so far.

    I'm guessing its the LG TV based on the response from the vendor, and the fact that both of us with issues have LG.
  5. Arniesb
    Hey guys, i was switching usb cables and and then i put it back in and suddenly sound dissapeared... Tried turning it on and off, reinstalling drivers but nothing is working... what could be going on? Everything seems working but there is no sound from unit.
    Many thanks.
  6. frogmeat69
    Did you try putting the old USB cable back in? Maybe the new one is no good.
  7. Arniesb
    Well it happened when i put back old cable. Its like cable is giving signal but there is no sound from dac...
  8. Alcophone
    Something like that happend to someone on Massdrop as well, although when switching headphones: https://www.massdrop.com/buy/topping-dx7s/talk/2112426
    For him, this worked: "I had to completely power off the device with the cable removed and to wait a few minutes so all charged electricity to disapade. I turn it than back on and it was working again."
  9. Arniesb
    Hey thanks, i did same thing 1 time but whitout waiting, didn't worked. Next time i just turned it off with remote control and waited for a few minutes while Taking my headphones off the output. Then I powered back Topping from remote control, kept switching between inputs and settings. Later on I put back Headphones into Xlr output and it worked perfectly. Don't know what I did to bring it back...
    Alcophone likes this.
  10. tgh5000
    May be somewhere in this thread it is has already been answered, but I couldn't find it. Is there someone who owns both the Jot and DX7s and can compare their sound quality with respect to HD 650?
  11. Xandr
    Does the DX7s have a mode where the XLR line out is on fixed volume and the volume knob controls the headphone out only? I'd be running it into a monitor controller and would prefer fixed line out.

    Neither the manual nor any of the previous 18 pages were 100% clear about this.
  12. Alcophone
    Nope. I wish. The volume, if controlled, is probably controlled at a central place, and so can't be switched between front and rear outs. You get DAC mode (100% rear, 0% front), DAC+HP mode (X% rear, X% front), and HP mode (0% rear, X% front). Basically, one central volume control + optional muting relay for front and rear.
  13. FangJoker
    i got a friend that wants to get into headphones, but not fully into it so I was thinking the cheap schiit stack, then I came across reviews of this. Would this be a better recommendation for a starter dac/amp? I was also thinking about the ifi micro black label if he needed something portable to take between his house and his office.
  14. xevman
    This would be a great unit provided the headphones you are planning on using are high impedance only.
  15. escalibur
    Some measurements DX7s vs Jotunheim:




    In short..Jot has much powerful amp, DX7s has better DAC.
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