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Tin Hifi P1 impressions

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  1. fericske
    This is what I talk about. The seating mod.
    Just forget that eartips. Too tight, degrade the soundquality. Use the P1s foam, or try different tips, they have not less diameter than the nozzle. No any P1s silicon works well.

    "Imo driving P1 is like driving a 200ohm full size HP... And it gives the sound of full sized cans when driven via desktop amp... But YMMV"

    Agree. Weeks I didn't use my full sizes, because I get full listening experience with P1, like with a can. (Final Sonorous 6, Quad Era1)
    Last edited: Aug 26, 2019
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  2. Tysun
    Potable dac amp solutions for P1 that have positive reports: Fiio Q5/Q5S, E1DA PDV2, Mojo.
  3. Tysun
    How to identify L, R easily: Different colours of TFZ foam tips. IMG_20190825_224415.jpg
  4. Tysun
    I tried what you did, I failed to 'implant' silicone stem into foam.
  5. Terozzzz
    It will go in, just push and turn at same time. So much that the red part is half in the foam one.
  6. gazzington
    Can a wm1a power these iems effectively?
  7. trivium911
    perhaps out of the balanced...all they say is 250mw at channel...at what impedance though? My fiio x5ii which i just sold had 430mw @16 Ohms where as the DX120 is 400mw @ 32ohms. I imagine the DX120 has much more power @ 16ohms for example and the fiio less at 32 ohms.
  8. Charlie Norwood
    Effectively? Yes. Properly? Nah. They will get loud coming from the WM1A but will be missing dynamics, especially on the low end. If you don't care about bass - you should be okay though.
  9. gazzington
    Oh, I do care about bass. Basically, if I'm not using an amp with a dap then best not bother. Possibly my n8 would power them though
  10. Charlie Norwood
    LOL a WM1A and n8? Nice... Yeah the Cayin should be a good fit with the p1 (I have an old c5 laying around that I should test the p1 on). I'm currently using the E1DA PowerDAC v2 which puts out 600mW@32 I believe and although there isn't much headroom after applying EQ (I think I'm around -8dB volume in the app) it's driving the P1 quite nicely.
  11. captblaze
    on its own the WM-1A doesn't have enough grunt to really wake up the P1s, but paired up with an Oriolus BA300S and now they sing
  12. dogears
    P1's arrived. Listening to them now with the stock tips... pretty impressed so far with the natural timbre... and the bass is there :)
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  13. davehutch
    Has anyone here used both the Radone ES100 AND the iFi xCan to drive the P1s?
    If so, do they benefit from the increased power available form the iFi?

    I know that in theory they should but please only answer if you've actually tried both devices to drive them and can compare.
    I'm thinking of selling my desktop amp to buy an xCan
    Last edited: Aug 27, 2019
  14. trivium911
    Does anyone know how the bass on these compares to the hifiman 400i? I know alot of people said the bass is lacking on both the 400i and the p1's...I actually find the 400is bass to be spot on and rather addictive. It's there, its present but you don't notice it...it doesn't bleed over.
  15. captblaze
    I own both, but to me it is an apples and oranges comparison. Over ear open back vs in ear doesn’t directly compare.

    I will say with the right amp and good eq they both sound better than without
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