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Tin Hifi P1 impressions

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  1. CoryGillmore
    Well these things are setting the internet ablaze. 10mm planar IEM from the same people who brought us the T1, T2 and T3. The hype is real! Gonna get me a pair myself once they're on Amazon.

    Tin Hifi p1.jpg

    They're definitely gorgeous!
    Last edited: Jun 20, 2019
  2. Cevisi
    I ordered them hope i wont be dissappointet
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  3. CoryGillmore
    I don’t think you will be! I’m afraid they’ll make my $1100+ IER-M9 obsolete!
  4. Cevisi
    It wont
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  5. Nailzs
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  6. Nailzs
    Ordered from Drop.
  7. Jeb94
    it 100% wont in term of technicalities.
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  8. antdroid
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  9. vault108
    I joined the drop for the P1 and BL1. I'm looking forward to them. I don’t have high expectation but P1 seem like it’s getting a lot of hype because it’s selling well on Drop. End of July is a long wait. My favorite planar IEM right now is the Nightingale. I am still looking for a cheap LCD-i4 to join my planar IEM collection.
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  10. CoryGillmore
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  11. Charlie Norwood

    Ordered a pair straight from linsoul - missed the free cable promo but ordered that anyway too lol. Says they start shipping next week so hopefully I’ll be back with some thoughts in a couple weeks ‍♂️
  12. warriorpoet
    You made me very glad I didn't pre-order yet. Shallow fit and overcooked treble are absolute no-goes for me. I made an exception on the former for the exquisite soundstage of the Oxygens, but I am not eager to repeat that wrestling match with another IEM at any price. Vocal recession nails the coffin shut.

    Looks like a great fit for folks who don't mind those issues, however. That the Andromeda is even mentioned with IEMs that cost 7x less means that Tin is hitting it out of the park for a ton less money than the big guys.
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  13. Spareribs
    The end game IEM
  14. silverfishla
    As a parting shot over the “curiosity” bow...I’ve joined the drop. I’ve bought a lot of the hyped stuff lately, and I’m not that impressed. Let’s see if this one sinks the ship for good.
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  15. antdroid
    I have not tried the Oxygen, but people compare it to the Kanas Pro. The Kanas Pro was not sibilant and treble edgy and weird to me. The P1 definitely has that artifact. Crinacle earlier told me to listen to a Rhianna track that he found to have this issue in bundles, and yea, I heard it too. Lots of S-ss and T--s. You can EQ it down though, by basically applying a High Shelf filter to wipe away the upper end starting at around 14K
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