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Discussion in 'Music' started by baroninkjet, Sep 4, 2014.
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  1. Erikson2k
    An update was pushed today, media keys work now!
  2. jegnyc
    I ran into a new bug today in my Tidal desktop app for Windows 10.

    My computer music system is a Windows 10 machine connected to an Oppo HA-2 DAC which in turn is connected to a pair of Audioengine 5s. My Tidal streaming settings are Master Quality/Oppo driver/Exclusive Mode/Force Volume. In the past this has resulted in Tidal resetting my Oppo driver volume to 100% each time I start up Tidal. I don't want it that high, so I turn it down to about 25%. Annoying but manageable.

    But as of today, Tidal resets the Oppo driver volume to 100% after every track. Not manageable.

    Note - I don't see this behavior when I use other sources for my music (e.g. JRiver).

    I can see several workarounds. One that I don't think will work is to rely on the volume control of the AE5s. At very low settings (which is where I would be with the Oppo at 100%) the balance of the AE5s is off. Deselecting Force Volume causes the metering to go crazy, and the SQ seems to suffer.

    Thoughts? Fellow sufferers (with the Oppo or otherwise)?

    Edit - probably the simplest workaround is to use the headphone cable for the AE5s and rely on the volume control on the HA-2.
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  3. toolio
    After being annoyed by your triple message posting I thought I’d check it out. You know “wanna” isn’t a real word, don’t you? Why would I pay for this when Soundiiz does the same for free?
  4. ljnew
    so what if you connect headphones directly to macbook? still mqa quality? does it sound good?
  5. SomeGuyDude
    You know you look like a complete douche balloon being pedantic about grammar when **** like "wanna" and "gonna" are perfectly acceptable casual words, don't you?

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  6. toolio
    Except “wanna” is the first word in giant type on this spammer’s commercial website. You don’t see that often, do you?

    As for your insult, it probably means more to you than it does to me.

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  7. SomeGuyDude
    Of course you would, if you're trying to come across as casual and informal. But I mean, if you're one of those snobby pedants who throws an absolute hissy fit at colloquialisms I'm sure seeing something as egregious as "wanna" would send you into hysterics.

    I refer to my previous comment, redouble it, and add you to my ever-growing ignore list before I say something that will get me in trouble again.

    Your username sure is appropriate, though.
  8. toolio
    You’re entitled to your opinion. You’re not, however, entitled to hurl insults. What you’re probably gonna wanna do at this point is can it. You’re not worth any further effort from me.
  9. exdmd
    What happens if you uncheck Force Volume in Tidal settings?
  10. peterinvan
    What happens if you uncheck Force Volume in Tidal settings?

    My understanding is that when you check Force Volume you are bypassing the volume control in the your PC sound card and sending the full bit stream to your DAC.
  11. jegnyc
    Sorry for the delay in responding - I’ve been traveling. The problem seems to have gone away on its own - back to the former state.
  12. rbalcom
    I don't think that is correct. When you check Use Exclusive Mode, the Tidal application bypasses the PC sound card sending its output directly to the device selected. Since the volume control is a function of the sound card, it is removed from the Exclusive Mode path. If you look at the right side of the Tidal player controls there is a small speaker icon that is a volume control for the Tidal player. When you check the Force volume it sets the player volume to 100% and grays out that speaker icon so you can not adjust it.
  13. jegnyc
    That is consistent with what I’ve seen. If I check Use Exlclusive Mide/Force Volume (and you need to check both to get MQA) the Tidal speaker icon greys out. I can use the volume control on my HA-2 if I’m listening through headphones; if I’m using line out I need to use the control associated with the Windows icon (which references the Oppo USB driver) or on my AE-5 speakers.
  14. howdy
    Has anyone bought the iexpand for the iphone? Can you download Tidal to this drive while its connected to the idevice?
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  15. StefanJK
    I've been having very serious streaming freezes for the last few days. Now I'm having freezes on a Saturday morning, which is puzzling if it is a server capacity issue on Tidal's side. I've had less frequent freezes in the past, but this latest occurrence is more serious. It freezes during a track, not just switching from one track to the next, and it happens quite a bit. Any ideas? My worry is that this is Tidal saving money on IT, and that's going to be the end of Tidal. Which would not be a total surprise.
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