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Discussion in 'Music' started by baroninkjet, Sep 4, 2014.
  1. imnostatic
    I'm having stuttering issues - MacBookPro. Rebooted, reinstalled the Tidal app. My network is fine - speedest.net is showing 57 Mbps download. Makes it a bit difficult to listen. Marcus Miller keeps stopping the groove...
  2. peterinvan
    I am using an old iPhone 4s as my dedicated Tidal "iPod". I cleaned out the phone, downloaded an older version of Tidal, and am not having any issues at all. Albeit, I am not listening to Masters.

    I am able to download albums in Tidal to the iPhone for listening when off line (e.g. on a plane).

    For the best headphone reproduction, I use the USB out from the iPhone into my CEntrance Hifi M8. Digital, lossless. This is a great portable DAC/amp, fully compatible with Apple devices..

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  3. SomeGuyDude
    It's just a real shame Tidal's general attitude towards finding new music is so ****. You can't up/down radio songs, so if a station is giving you music you don't like you have no way to try and fix it, and there's absolutely zero personal curation. For a neophyte, it really makes you question if it's worth it.
    I sent email to tidal staff to ask my case, good connection (I can watch youtube 1080 at that time) but my tidal hifi pause/jag over 10 times per track.
    They reply that I sent from not an email used to registry my account. Wth, somehow they don't know.
  5. almarti
    Has someone tested Tidal offline in Android based DAPs and not been usampled?
  6. Hoax86
    Thanks for the
    Thanks for the reply, how do you find the sound quality compared to cd ripped Flac files? Can you store alot of offline tidal songs on the iPhone?
  7. peterinvan
    I find no difference between Tidal and FLAC ripped from CD using EAC.
    I believe that Tidal downloaded tracks are about the same size as a FLAC file.
  8. Hoax86
    Thanks for the reply, that is awesome that they sound the same! My only other question is does anyone know the bitrate alteration that android does when transferring music to an external Dac for tidal offline?
    Is that posible? I didnt find any download on my Android base dap but my smartphone
  10. tamtu
    Hi guys,

    When using TIDAL in exclusive mode with my Dragonfly Black, it is really loud and I can only listen on one or two notches above mute. This happens with IEMs as well as my HD25s.

    Is there any way to lower the volume on the Dragonfly in this case?

  11. redrich2000
    I'm a newb to Tidal. I've been doing some vague A/Bing against 24/96 FLAC files from my library using Roon. It seems that the Tidal content almost always sounds better.
    Is that expected? I have a Tidal set to Master, but I can find no way to see what sample rates it's playing.
  12. SomeGuyDude
    It's been suspected that the masters sent to Tidal are also better than what got pressed to CD back in the day, so it's possible it's partly less to bitrate and more to the direct source.
  13. Steve Wilcox
    Great news that you can now control Tidal through Sonos using the Tidal app rather than the woeful Sonos app. I'd be grateful if someone could explain how?? The only instruction I've seen is to click on the casting icon from the 'now playing' screen in Tidal but this only brings up a Google Chromecast I have available to stream to.
  14. toolio
    I had to ungroup my Sonos speakers in the Sonos app before they would show up as individual options in Tidal. And even then each was labelled a “group” in Tidal. It works, but seems a little wonky, unless I did something wrong.
  15. Steve Wilcox
    Thanks Toolio.
    I only have the one Sonos device so can't "ungroup" them. I've noticed that all the online blurb refers to Sonos "speakers" and I'm wondering if this won't work with my ZP90 (Connect)?

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