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Thoughts on a bunch of DACs (and why delta-sigma kinda sucks, just to get you to think about stuff)

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by purrin, Dec 5, 2013.
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  1. AndyDandy
    Hi, in relation to this thread, where would the Audiolab M-DAC rank? If anybody has heard this DAC could they tell me what they think of it?
  2. whirlwind
    Well, I just bit the bullet and ordered the KTE Holo Springs Level 3.

    Sure hope it lives up to the expectations....coming from PS Audio Nuwave
  3. Argo Duck
    Hmm, thought this old thread had been locked.

    No direct experience, but googling key words from this thread title together with "audiolab mdac" might work for you since search this thread doesn't seem available any more. Trying this unearthed this very brief impression. There may be others...
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  4. abartels
  5. SearchOfSub

    What happenned to this guy. He does a DAC shootout saying PS Audio MKll is one of the better DACS (when infact it's on of the worst DAC I've heard with a digital glare) creates his own website with a Schiit founder, continues to bash every Chord DACS just flat out lying about how they sound while giving their own Schiit products an excellence award all the time LOL. What a bunch of clowns - it's like a circle of 4-5 losers who keep claiming they got wronged without cause on HF site when infact it was their own technical limitations that made people go away. And while this guy Purrin has been publicly saying he has been a Schill with no shame at allover the years LOL.
    Last edited: May 16, 2018
  6. Sonic Defender Contributor
    Deleted, irrelevant post on my part.
    Last edited: May 16, 2018
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  7. Redcarmoose
    I remember this thread from 2015. DACs are like fashion, they go in and out of style.
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  8. Ableza
    DACs are like fashion only to the very shallow and brand-influenced. A good DAC sounds good forever.
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  9. richard51
    My Dac is Starting Point Systems NOS dac of french designer M.Mariac with a minimalistic design.... I pay it a low price on Ebay.... it is miraculously good in my audio system.... After that I throw out any idea to upgrade it....
  10. Chris J
    Don’t hold back guys, what do you really think?
    I must be stuck in a time warp.
    My Beresford Caiman still sounds good........to me.
    Perhaps I should trade it in for this year’s model.
    What’s the fashionable DAC this year?
  11. SearchOfSub
    If it's the same sampling rate and source I actually think older Hifi audio used higher quality parts and sounded better. Like Vynil sounds much better than digital music. But where it matter now are the sampling rates. There were no DSD back in the day, but DSD is now avaiable to everyone.
  12. commtrd
    Call me narrow minded or whatever, but my Chord Hugo 2 still gets the job done. And the Mojo diminutive in size as it is, still rocks nicely while traveling. H2 with LCD-X and Norne Solvine cable is a magic combination really.

    Mojo with LCDi4 and Norne Therium is pretty darn nice out on the road. That being said, someday would love to audition some other DACs and amps.
    Last edited: May 18, 2018
  13. mulveling Contributor
    Last year I got an old prototype DAC from ECP audio, based on Delta-Sigma Wolfson chip, that I ended up slightly preferring to my Yggy - and at less than half the cost. I'm so over this ladder-DAC and Schiit hype machine. And yes, vinyl still rules by a fair margin, and reel-to-reel scales even higher than that!
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  14. intlsubband
    Well, I might be walking backwards compared to the trend, but after a couple of years with a bit-pefrect DAC (Schiit Bimby) I've decided to "upgrade"/retrograde to an older, DS-based DAC design - the Antelope Zodiac Gold. These are now popping up in the 2nd hand market for reasonable prices.

    A key determinant was the feature set of the AZG, with a seemingly endless array of digital and analog ins and outs. Will be interesting to compare its sound to the Schiit, that's for sure.
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  15. conquerator2
    Ever since I purchased the R2R11, I haven't looked at another unit The price is absurd for the performance on offer, and I much preferred the tonality to the general one that Schiit goes for. As a matter of fact, I prefer this to mid-tier Thetas and any other from the sets that I had the pleasure to own during the years I've been into audio. There's very little I can fault at the performance of this new R2R design, I wouldn't hesitate to pair it with most gear and once again looking at the price, is just damn good buy
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