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Thoughts on a bunch of DACs (and why delta-sigma kinda sucks, just to get you to think about stuff)

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by purrin, Dec 5, 2013.
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  1. HeatFan12 Contributor
    Hahaha.  True.  I did get into a few tiffs with both through the years (as well as many others did).  I even purchased the TC-7510 years ago from Stanley before everything came out into the light.  It was too 'hot' in the gain section so I eventually sold it.
    And I still own the O2, which I think is a great amp.  lol...Go figure.
  2. Lord Raven

    How will I use bushmaster mkii, it does not have a USB input to connect with laptop or phone :/
    I'm seriously inclined towards Audio GD nfb-11 and NFB-15.
  3. Solude
    Worth noting that Audio-GD is out of the Wolfson business now.  They've updated their web site to read... The NFB-15 and NFB-10.33 last for sale ,no successor .
    In your price range the Oppo will best everything.  That said, for pure DACs in that price range you're looking at portables, dongles and some Schiit.
  4. richard51

    read about beresford asynch.... or wyrd schiit.....
  5. KeithEmo
    The Oppo 105D is a really great Blu-Ray player, and I highly recommend it as such. However, it would be silly to buy the Oppo 105D to use strictly as a DAC, because you're paying for a whole lot of functionality you're not going to use. (In terms of parts count, cost, and complexity, the DAC is probably about 20% of the Oppo 105D; so why pay for all the other stuff if you really aren't going to use it?)
    As far as finding a low-cost DAC that still performs well, the first thing you need to know is what you plan to use as an audio source. (If you plan to use a computer, and USB, then there are a huge number of small USB DACs in the $100 to $200 range that are very good - and I'll take the opportunity to suggest that you check out Emotiva's new Little Ego and Big Ego there. If you plan to connect it to a CD or Blu-Ray player, as well as or instead of a computer, then you'll also need a Coax or Toslink input, which cuts down the huge list of available options by about 2/3 - since the majority of low-coast USB DACs have ONLY a USB input - which won't work with a CD player.)
    You also need to get your head around the "whole Sabre DAC thing". The Oppo 103D has perfectly nice DACs in it. The Oppo 105D uses Sabre DACs, which, as well as being good DACs in general, have their own distinct "flavor" (sound signature). People generally buy the Oppo 105 because they specifically like the sound of Sabre DACs - but that preference is highly personal and subjective. (They measure very good, and at least as good as other high end DACs, but whether you actually like their distinctive sound signature or not is a matter of personal preference.) It would probably be a good idea to find someplace where you can listen to something with a Sabre DAC in it, and decide if you actually like it or not, before you buy one. (There are plenty of low-cost DACs that use a Sabre chip, like the DragonFly, and the 0DAC, and plenty that don't, including the new Emotiva ones, so it makes sense to listen to one so you can decide which group you should be considering.)
    (You should also note that, with the Oppo 105D, you're paying an extra $100 for Darbee video processing (that's what the "D" stands for). If you're not planning to use the video at all, then that extra $100 would be a complete and total waste of money for you.)
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  6. AudioBear
    Some great advice there from @KeithEmo. For the kind of cash you would shell out for an Oppo 105D you could buy an Oppo HA-1 which uses Sabre DACs and gets very good reviews.  You don't need to spend that much though and you already have an amp; the HA-1 is stuffed with other goodies you don't need like the 105D.  As  KeithEmo pointed out you don't buy DVD player to use as a DAC and you would be better off listening to gear using the Sabre and other DACS and decide which you like.
    This is a very crowed market sector.  Do some homework.  Read the forums here and elsewhere. Trust your ears.
    Finally, many stores and manufacturers will let you return gear in 15 or 30 days at no cost, or very minimal cost.
    It's also fair to say your tube amp will have a lot more impact on the sound signature than will most DACs.
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  7. Rockcoon
    Hey, guys from a "Thoughts on a bunch". What do you think about Arcam irDAC usb? Is it sucks?
  8. wink
    Only if your ears don't like it.
  9. Rockcoon
    I didn't hear it. That's why i'm asking. Currently own v200 amp and HE500 cans. Need from neutral to warm dac to complete this. Budget arround 1k$. Matrix x sabre was on my list, but our russia dealer just sold last one few days ago, and they didn't know when the next party should arrive.
  10. LancerFIN
    I wouldn't waste my money on Delta-sigma DAC. At least I couldn't hear any difference between two delta-sigma DAC's using different chips.
  11. Rockcoon
    I'm living in Crimea. And can't buy anythig from Audio gd or Schiit. If everythig was that simple, i'd grab Yggdrasil and was happy.
  12. Sonic Defender Contributor

    You can't draw that conclusion that it is D-S DACs, perhaps they didn't sound different enough to detect, or maybe your hearing acuity isn't that good. The difference between my Schiit Gungnir and my NAD M51 were very clear, and they are both D-S DACs so why would D-S DACs be a waste of money?  
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  13. gevorg

    What about:



  14. Rockcoon
    Heard it's one guy, and you better don't mess with him.

    Like USA, EU don't trade with Crimea.
  15. Lord Raven
    Hi Guys,
    I am also looking for a DAC and came across this guy from Russia, Mike. Runs www.audiogd.ru.
    Is there any feedback on this dealer? I was asking him the price and he was like, you are from an oil rich country and rice should not matter to you, What.
    Hi Rackcoon,
    Why do you have to say so? Is he reliable or not? I might make  deal with him. He gives like 30$ off on the stuff. But I doubt that there will be any warranty on his products, I asked him twice and he was saying in his Russian-English that this gear is good, no problem. 
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