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Thoughts on a bunch of DACs (and why delta-sigma kinda sucks, just to get you to think about stuff)

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by purrin, Dec 5, 2013.
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  1. estreeter
    I thought I was in the DAC thread, not Sound Science ...... 
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  2. wahsmoh

    Yes it is really that good. I think the special DSP filter and R2R smoothness help lend to the "analogue" sound that I have read in just about every audio forums impressions on them. It sounds more dynamic though than your typical vinyl setup and more extended both ways.
    The reason the soundstage is such a big deal to me is because the Theta creates a stable center image and this lends to the 3D placement effect of instruments.
    There is not just depth but width that I didn't know my Alpha Dogs were even capable of.
    Treble is always smooth and palpable, sure it isn't as "detailed" as some of the other modern offerings out there but the macrodetail and precise imaging make it a very natural sounding DAC. Cymbals in good recordings always sound clean, not splashy and tizzy. Big ups to Theta and Mike for such a bargain. I can't wait to do a real Yggy comparison with my vintage beast.
    EDIT: For all you Tool fans out there, I just listened to a few tracks off AEnima. My mind is blown, the drums of Danny Carey are imaged so perfectly. I can picture myself sitting in the middle of the studio and the weight of the drums is characterized by the mid and bass slam that this Theta has. Like Purrin said with the Gen V, instruments growl and hit you hard. Same case with the Progeny, maybe not as refined as the Gen V.
  3. mikek200
    PM me bmichaels.
    Looks like it is that time of month, for Estreeter
  4. Stillhart
    Be nice, he's right.

    My apologies, I'll try to stay on topic.
  5. kapanak
    Sound Science would mean actual science is involved in the discussion. [​IMG] Anybody even seen that forum? XD
    My favourite Snake Oil btw http://www.machinadynamica.com/ And yes, it's not a parody, these guys are serious hahaha [​IMG]
    Anyway, back to DACs, I find the Concero HD and HP to lack the digititis that comes along with almost all Sabre implementations. Only Matrix X-Sabre lacks the digititis as well. Concero HP works surprisingly well for such a portable option with the HD800, and very well or all except the most sensitive IEMs and headphones I've tried on them :)
    Also, the little secret with the Concero HP is that you can use a 1/4 to RCA adapter and use it as a pre-amp/DAC.
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  6. Stillhart
    Empirical testing is part of science.  If you can't at least manage that part of it, I'm not sure how you can claim to hold a valid opinion on the subject.
  7. bmichels

  8. mikek200
    I know,
    Estreeter is the best-I always search out his responses--good info,always.....??..well not always
    Estreet..PM me,if you have time,OK?
  9. kapanak

    I'm not sure where and how you derived such a comment from my statement, but okay.
  10. mikek200
    Van Del Hull....Mountain,retails for $1400.00,might be higher ,now?
  11. bmichels
  12. Sonic Defender Contributor

    Huge Tool fan myself (frustrated drummer). That is an amazing sounding album for the genre and the runs Carey pulls off are just nuts, Fourty Six and two, just crazy stuff. Have you seen that pretty hot female drummer Meytal Cohhen or something like that? She bangs out a cover of Fourty Six and Two and misses NOTHING!
  13. mulder01
    Those neon screwdrivers are not the most accurate or reliable means of testing power.  I wouldn't rely on it too much.  
  14. jarrett
    You should list prices on page 1 :)
    I'm looking for something as an upgrade to my HRT microStreamer. The DAC in the microStreamer is PCM1793 if you were wondering. Any suggestions as an upgrade?
    Anything under $400?
    Has to have:
    - its own power supply (the obvious upgrade)
    - USB async
    - stereo RCA would be good
    Thanks :)
  15. coli
    Agreed. Other forum are worse though. All DACs sounds the same, all amps sounds the same, etc...
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