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Thoughts on a bunch of DACs (and why delta-sigma kinda sucks, just to get you to think about stuff)

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by purrin, Dec 5, 2013.
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  1. ginetto61
    Thanks a lot for the confirmation.
    And is it really that good ?
    For good i mean mostly 3dimensional, with good dynamics and a robust bass.
    However i am looking at Theta dacs but there are so many models.  All nice ?
    Is it possible to get a ranking of their dacs ?
    As i said i am looking for something 3dimensional, with good dynamics and a robust bass.
    Thanks again,  gino  
  2. conquerator2
    I think the U12 is a very good USB converter. The DI-V2014 is another, more costly one. Others include Melodious [not yet available] and Tanley Audio [also not yet available]. They all get the job done.
    In general the Thetas go like this Pro Gen [II < III < V] > Basic [I < II ? III] > Prime [I < II] > Progeny [= SE Prime II]. All used to be upgradeable to A version [slightly improved] but the difference shouldn't be too big.
  3. bmichels
    AS you know I am testing right now a ARM DP-777 SE new DAC and I have mixed feeling about it's sound quality. The importer told me to verify if the load and the neutral are not inversed, because his DAC is quite sensible to inverted phase (load).
    I therefore did some simple tests it looks like my power system is totally mess-up:
    LOAD should be on the right prong (tester should light-up) and neutral on the left one (tester should NOT light-up) ? Correct ?
    but...according to the tester which light-up on EACH prong, It seems that I have load on right and on left ( see pictures ).
    -> Is it wrong ? can this reduce the sound quality of my DAC & AMP ? or damage them ?
    loadinsteadofneutralonleftwire.jpg    loadontherightwire.jpg
  4. JohnnyCanuck
    Here's an interesting article from Positive Feedback Issue 77 that I haven't seen mentioned here yet:
    Musings on DSD: Using Offline Conversion from DSD to High-Resolution PCM Files Rather Than Using a DSD-capable DAC
    by Andy Schaub
    It can be viewed here.
  5. Priidik
    Only one should light up. It seems you might have some household appliance shorting to null a bit and/or poor conduction from null to main powerlines. (how's your electricity bill?)
    A neighbour next door of me had water boiler that shorted to ground, and had ground connected to null.. i had 80V in my null line vs real ground. It could do serious harm to sensitive equipment.
    Is the extra ground wired?
  6. 7ryder
    I'm not a DSD believer...still, it is kind of hard to take this guy seriously given that his "uber Rega Dac" consists of approximately $5500 worth of cables, etc. on a $1000 DAC (currently on sale for $795 on line).  
    conquerator2 likes this.
  7. Sonic Defender Contributor

    LOL, so freakin funny. While I'm a cable agnostic, you just have to know that there is no way on the planet (unless there is a very special new group of laws of physics) that a cable can make enough of a difference to warrant that disproportionate an amount of investment. If they make a difference at all, it is at best subtle and more of a finishing detail from what I gather. So you would be so much further ahead to spend the extra cash on speakers or headphones where you can get an audible return on investment. 
  8. wahsmoh

    hehe well I think cables are more of a "fine tuning" sort of investment. I don't believe they make a significant difference to a headphones overall sound signature but high quality cables DO sound different than their stock counterparts. I am a cable believer but not a cable zealot. It doesn't make more than a 1-2% incremental difference but that in itself is noticeable to me after spending months with the stock cable before my purchase last year.
    Once you have headphones you really love it doesn't hurt to buy cable because usually the stock cables included suck.
  9. JohnnyCanuck
    Well, I'm sure that he just used whatever cables he had on hand.  They probably won't degrade the sound too much.
    The part that I found interesting was that converting DSD to PCM via software before sending the audio stream to the DAC sounded better than streaming the DSD directly.
  10. StefanJK
    Yes, how do I start selling one $1,000 USB cable per week?  Good work if you can get it.  Easier than making and selling a DAC.  So no, not taking advice from that source.  
  11. mikek200
    USB cable,are you joking??
    That being said-I bought a VanDel Hul XLR inter-connect from Currawong,last year...$1K-USED..OUCH !!!
    Without a doubt,the finest cable I own..
  12. fzman Contributor
    It constantly amazes me how so many participants on Head-Fi can make such accurate determinations regarding specific empirical matters without having to have any of the relevant experiences.  Science can now move forward at a staggering pace due to this exciting development.  
    Just making the above statement is the proof itself!
    Argo Duck likes this.
  13. Stillhart
    To be fair, I heard a $500 USB cable at Canjam and ab'ed against a regular cable. The difference was obvious and more than just 1-2%. And this was from a friend, not someone selling a cable.

    No idea how or why it makes a difference and I didn't believe it until I heard it for myself. I wouldn't expect others to believe it, but I urge you to try it yourself if you ever get the opportunity.
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  14. mikek200
    And of,course Currawong{ the gentleman that he is.} told me,if I didn't hear any difference in sq,to return it after 7 days.....,when I plugged the cable in-it took me all of 30 minutes to be convinced
  15. bmichels
    please can you tell what cable exactly do you speak about !
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