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Thoughts on a bunch of DACs (and why delta-sigma kinda sucks, just to get you to think about stuff)

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by purrin, Dec 5, 2013.
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  1. Sorrodje
    Just answered to this ^ : I don't think HF is biased to  DSD or Hi-Res. At least posters I read the most carefully. 
    For Red-book vs Hi-res and the interest for human ear of anything above 44,1khz , I let you do a search on HF and elsewhere.  Don't want to destroy this Great thread with overbeated debates. 
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  2. mulder01
    This thread is a bit biased toward the yggy, which doesn't support dsd, so I don't think there is any bias toward dsd at all - otherwise everyone would be saying it's already outdated technology because of the lack of dsd...
  3. hodgjy
    I've bee saying this (well, parts of this) for years. With many tracks, it's not the format that matters the most. It's how that track was mastered.
    The most striking example of this is my DSD collection of Dark Side of the Moon. I have 2.0 DSD and 5.1 DSD. I also have the PCM 16/44.1 of it. When I play the 2.0 DSD and then the PCM of it through my rig, I can hear no difference. When I force the 5.1 down to 2.0 and play it through my rig, it sounds completely different than the other two. What's the difference? The way it was mastered.
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  4. Yoga

    Same with 320 vs FLAC on a well mastered track.
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  5. Stillhart
    Not to be that guy again, but this debate can get the thread locked. We know currawong is reading so I HIGHLY suggest taking it up in the 24 bit vs 16 bit thread in the Sound Science forum.
  6. estreeter
    If purrin is right, Redbook is what Yggy was made for - why are you running all over the place when its due out on April 20[​IMG]
  7. kazsud
    I heard the Yggdrasil on Wednesday. I should of brought my pwd mkii to a/b but didn't :/
    To me I think it's a little better than the pwd mkii. In just about all areas.
  8. magiccabbage
    hahaha .... the picture i have in my head of his avatar freaking out is hilarious. 
    April 20 - 10 days left. I cant wait for impressions.  
  9. mikek200
    Has this info been confirmed??
  10. evanft
  11. estreeter
    Cmon Mike - you know the only place this is considered 'info' is in my brain - why torture yourself ? Still, I'm a believer in the power of positive thinking - as several wits have remarked, the beauty of deadlines is the sound they make as they go rushing by. If you value your sanity, take any prediction that doesnt come directly from Mike or Jason with a massive grain of salt, and even they arent infallible. 
  12. EraserXIV
    This April 20 date was literally pulled out of thin air. Yggy driving people crazy around here.. confabulation of release dates
  13. mikek200
    Yeah,I should have known better-
    On a side note--I got a Parasound ZDAC yesterday,to tied me over,and was really surprised
    With my 009's & the KGST..it really gave me a very nice sound quality,,neutral to slightly bright..good detail..,nice bass
    Anyone looking for a small desktop dac,you might want to look at the ZDAC..??
    Still need a few more weeks of break in..
  14. Clemmaster
    Especially when Yggy has been out for 2 days now...
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  15. estreeter
    I see what you did there  - naughty man, you are. Poor old Mike is perched on the edge of his seat, refreshing the Schiit website every 30 seconds waiting for this thing  :wink:
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