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Thoughts on a bunch of DACs (and why delta-sigma kinda sucks, just to get you to think about stuff)

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by purrin, Dec 5, 2013.
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  1. jexby
    testing, and hearing in a familiar chain is important.
    one cable can have varying (some, none) effects depending on other elements.
    recently had my own headphone cable jaw-dropping awakening.  didn't believe it was possible.
    Fast forward to today's jaw dropping with the Gungnir arriving, plugged in and wow! nice.
  2. hodgjy
    While slightly over your budget, you can't do much better with the Schiit Bifrost for the money.
  3. jexby
    And used BiFrost Ubers can be found in the For Sale forums around $400 frequently.
  4. mikek200
    Did you get the new upgraded Gen2 USB Gungnir
    Not sure if you saw this,but:,here it is anyway:
    6 Schiit Gungnir Gen2 USB Board (USB)
    Highly dynamic. Great tonal balance with bite when the recording calls for it. Like the Lavry DA11, it doesn't do much wrong. Sweet sweet tone. Excellent tonal response with some balls in the bass. Compact but well defined stage with great localization of instruments. Very good sounding treble, one of the best we've heard with a sigma-delta chip. Vocals are only second to the AGD M7 or Metrum. Resolution is not the best, but it can still hang in there. With the Gen 2 USB upgrade, the Gungnir has now found its way into my regular rotation. Now I can feel comfortable lending out one of my better DACs to friends because I have a DAC good enough as a substitute. Some have found the Gungnir Gen 1 to be overly dynamic - having a tendency to be too loud. Think rock arena. That drummer that hits really hard. This is the top one or two hardest hitting DACs out there. This does create a sense of tension which can either be good for bad depending upon you sensitivities. I've never fallen asleep to music listening to this DAC.
    The Gen 2 USB brings to the table some finesse through the restoration of low level sounds which were previously compressed or lost in the Gen 1 USB version. Gen 1 USB also sounds less lively (microdynamics) and less clear. The Gen 2 USB upgrade is significant. It's interesting to note how Schiit has removed all the bad things they said about USB on their website with the release of the Gen 2 USB."
    Good Luck with it-Enjoy,
  5. jexby
    Yup, Gungnir came with USB v2 board already installed.
    Have a Wyrd in front of Gung already, so it's sort of like a USB v3 receiver now.
  6. olegausany
    Get used Cambridge Audio DacMagic Plus
  7. snip3r77

    If you read reddit a lot for them also mention USB cable are BS as it's 1010101. One has to try it and experience it
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  8. ciphercomplete
    Folks can't assume that people who think that pricey USB cables are BS are people who haven't tried them.  I'd wager that there are just as many people have tried them and heard no difference (there are plenty of us) as there are people who have heard a difference.    
  9. Stillhart
    Looks like you've got mostly IEM's.  Have you thought about the GO100?  
    Otherwise, I don't see any amps listed on your profile.  Maybe an all-in-one like the Audio-GD NFB-15 or 11.
  10. jarrett
    It's there, but I have a Bryston B60. I've only been using the microStreamer's line-out to the amp. I don't need it for headphones
  11. Stillhart
    The Bifrost is probably going to be the best bet in the $400 price range, as others have mentioned.  There's not really much that I'm aware of between the Bifrost and then used ones in the $600 range like the X-Sabre, Gungnir, etc.  The Corda DACcord maybe?  Not sure if it's any good or not.  There's the ifi stuff too, but I've heard mixed reviews.
  12. hodgjy
    Completely agree. If you don't need a balanced connection, then the Gungnir won't drastically change your sound (while being unbalanced). You'll probably have to go above $1000 to get large improvements over the Bifrost.
  13. olegausany
    No you don't need to go over $1000, get irDac for $700
  14. Stillhart
    I haven't heard the Bifrost really, so I can't speak to whether it's an upgrade, but my $800 (new) NFB-28 has a really nice smooth DAC.  The NFB-1S should be very similar at $525 before shipping.
  15. hodgjy
    I'm sure the NFB-28 is a fine DAC, but it's not exactly comparable to the Bifrost. The added costs must reflect DSD, the XLR outputs, and the head amp. What makes the Bifrost able to punch above its price is it only focuses on line-level unbalanced PCM.
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